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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

#0548 tms-srs

How sol-re-sol could overtake Esperanto in less than a year, but won't :(

-change si to ti to make it more readable
-add mmm to represent zero
-create and use a minimal vocabulary, 365 words approx (use drs rdd for January, etc)
-remove the gender default to male, default to people
-find a better way to represent the accent marks or a different way to change to noun, verb, adjective and adverb
+default all words to nouns and have a action word to change it to a verb
+default all words to verbs and use msrd, ts and tl to change it to a noun/adjective
+ddd noun, rrr verb, sss adjective and lll adverb
+combine words:
  mtf = marriage
  mtf tl = wife
  mtf ts = husband
  mtf msrd = spouse
  mtf fsl = marry

-create a smart phone app to translate to and from sol-re-sol tones
-create a device with 7 keys (like a piano) that would convert sol-re-sol sounds to movement for the deaf/blind and back again

-create a short movie of robots and humans having a conversation in sol-re-sol
-create a short movie in sol-re-sol tones and allow people to use their smart phones to have the dialog in their own language
-create a short movie of people communicating using the 7 key device above or reversed crossed hands

-make sol-re-sol the official language of the blind/deaf
-get the UN to recognize sol-re-sol so that the blind/deaf will be informed
-get the UN to use sol-re-sol in meets and have the people use the smart phone app
-use the US laws to give equal access for the blind/deaf to information (in sol-re-sol using the 7 key device)