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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

#0506 ENGLISH - ENGLISH re-do-do fa-re-re la-do-ti

re-do-do = One, first, single, unit, only
fa-re-re = Hundred, hundredth
la-do-ti = Word, term
do d 1
Do No, not, nor
do-do-fa-mi ddfm 1143
DoDoFaMi Bless, blessing
do-do-fa-ti ddft 1147
DoDoFaSi Mission
do-do-ti-do ddtd 1171
DoDoSiDo Church, temple, cathedral
do-re dr 12
DoRe I, me, myself, personally, we, ourselves
do-re-mi drm 123
DoReMi Day
do-re-fa drf 124
DoReFa Week
do-re-so drs 125
DoReSol Month
do-re-la drl 126
DoReLa Year
do-re-la-do drld 1261
DoReLaDo Back, backbone, spine, vertebral column
do-re-la-re drlr 1262
DoReLaRe Kidney
do-re-ti drt 127
DoReSi Century
do-mi dm 13
DoMi You, yourself, (singular or plural)
do-mi-mi-la dmml 1336
DoMiMiLa The Salvation
do-mi-fa-re dmfr 1342
DoMiFaRe Live, exist, be, life, existence
do-mi-so dms 135
DoMiSol God, the all-powerful, supreme being
do-fa df 14
DoFa He, she, it, him, her, them, they
do-fa-do-mi dfdm 1413
DoFaDoMi Hope
do-fa-re-so dfrs 1425
DoFaReSol Be at ease, comfortable, ease, wellbeing, comfortably
do-fa-mi-so dfms 1435
DoFaMiSol Wisdom, wise, sage, wisely
do-so ds 15
DoSol Self, oneself
do-so-do dsd 151
DoSolDo Pray
do-so-do-mi dsdm 1513
DoSolDoMi Ask, request, demand
do-so-ti-fa dstf 1574
DoSolSiFa Lead, guide, conduct, drive, mentor, cicerone
do-la-mi-re dlmr 1632
DoLaMiRe Water, wet
do-la-mi-ti dlmt 1637
DoLaMiSi Eat, eating, eater, eatable
do-ti-do dtd 171
DoSiDo Help, aid, assist, rescue
do-ti-la dtl 176
DoSiLa Noble, ennobled, dignity, worthy, just, pride
re r 2
Re And
re-do rd 21
ReDo My, mine
re-do-do rdd 211
ReDoDo One, first, single, unit, only
re-re-do-mi rrdm 2213
ReReDoMi Plan, perspective, floor plan
re-mi rm 23
ReMi Your, yours
re-mi-re-fa rmrf 2324
ReMiReFa Car, carriage, coupe, bus
re-mi-re-so rmrs 2325
ReMiReSol Visit, tour, visitor, guest
re-mi-mi rmm 233
ReMiMi Two, second, secondly, interval of a second
re-mi-fa-la rmfl 2346
ReMiFaLa Home, house, hut, cottage, hotel
re-mi-so-do rmsd 2351
ReMiSolDo Sleep, fall asleep, doze, drowsiness, sleeper, asleep, dormant
re-fa-fa rff 244
ReFaFa Three, third, thirdly, interval of a third
re-fa-so-fa rfsf 2454
ReFaSolFa Pacify, calme, peace, amity, peacemaker, peaceful, peacefully
re-so rs 25
ReSol Our, ours
re-so-so rss 255
ReSolSol Four, fourth, fourthly, interval of a fourth
re-so-ti-do rstd 2571
ReSolSiDo Need, require, necessary, useful, indispensable, utile
re-la-la rll 266
ReLaLa Five, fifth, fifthly, interval of a fifth
re-ti-do-ti rtdt 2717
ReSiDoSi Father, mother, paternity, maternity, paternal, maternal
re-ti-ti rtt 277
ReSiSi Six, sixth, sixthly, interval of a sixth
mi-do md 31
MiDo For
mi-do-so-do mdsd 3151
MiDoSolDo Fear, apprehend, apprehension, fearful, apprehensive
mi-do-so-mi mdsm 3153
MiDoSolMi Worry, concern, anxiety, alarm, anxious
mi-do-ti mdt 317
MiDoSi Fond of, attached, be attached to, friend, friendly, take to
mi-re mr 32
MiRe That, which, who
mi-mi-do mmd 331
MiMiDo Seven, seventh
mi-mi-re mmr 332
MiMiRe Eight, eighth, octave
mi-mi-mi mmm 333
MiMiMi Zero (only word I added)
mi-mi-fa mmf 334
MiMiFa Nine, ninth
mi-mi-so-fa mmsf 3354
MiMiSolFa There, thence, from that place, from there
mi-so-do-la msdl 3516
MiSolDoLa Change, vary, variation, mutation, variability, instability, variable
mi-so-re-do msrd 3521
MiSolReDo Person, a being, individual, human creature, people, personal, individually, personally
mi-so-re-so msrs 3525
MiSolReSol Accept, receive, admit, admission, reception, admissible, receivable
mi-so-re-la msrl 3526
MiSolReLa Meet, get together, meeting, group, assemble, assembled, grouped
mi-la-re mlr 362
MiLaRe Confide, confidence
mi-la-re-fa mlrf 3624
MiLaReFa Criticize, find fault with, criticism
mi-la-so mls 365
MiLaSol Love (for things)
mi-la-so-la mlsl 3656
MiLaSolLa Insolvency (unable to pay debts owed), insolvent
mi-la-la-fa mllf 3664
MiLaLaFa A few, some, many, several, plurality, plural
mi-la-ti mlt 367
MiLaSi Love, cherish, lover, enamored
mi-ti-fa mtf 374
MiSiFa Marry, marriage, husband, wife, spouse
fa f 4
Fa At, to
fa-do-do-so fdds 4115
FaDoDoSol Look after, care for, maintain, keep in a good condition, care, maintenance, careful, carefully
fa-re-re frr 422
FaReRe Hundred, hundredth
fa-mi-mi-so fmms 4335
FaMiMiSol Health, healthy, healthily
fa-fa-do-re ffdr 4412
FaFaDoRe To have pain, hurt, ache, indisposition, illness, malady, ill, indisposed, unwell, sick, in bad health, sickly
fa-fa-la ffl 446
FaFaLa Fifty, fiftieth
fa-so-re fsr 452
FaSolRe Theism, deism, theist, belief in God
fa-so-mi-fa fsmf 4534
FaSolMiFa Serve, service, servant
fa-so-so-re fssr 4552
FaSolSolRe Freshness, fresh, new, freshly, newly
fa-ti-do-re ftdr 4712
FaSiDoRe Travel, tour, peregrination, pilgrimage, traveler, tourist, pilgrim
fa-ti-fa-ti ftft 4747
FaSiFaSi To be scared, shudder, terror, fright, fear, dread, trembling, terrified, scared
so-do sd 51
SolDo Nothing, nil, naught, null
so-re-so srs 525
SolReSol Language, idiom, dialect, linguistics, philology
so-re-la srl 526
SolReLa Dictionary, vocabulary, glossary
so-re-la-fa srlf 5264
SolReLaFa Feel, experience, to start (with surprise etc.), impression, feeling, emotion, stir, thrill, impressed, moved, affected, shuddering, trembling
so-fa sf 54
SolFa Because, for
so-la sl 56
SolLa Always, perpetuate, perpetually, constantly
so-la-mi slm 563
SolLaMi Forgive, pardon, amnesty, mercy, forgiveness
so-ti st 57
SolSi Thanks, thank
la-do ld 61
LaDo Yesterday
la-do-ti ldt 617
LaDoSi Word, term
la-re lr 62
LaRe Today, this day
la-re-so lrs 625
LaReSol Lesson, instruction
la-mi lm 63
LaMi Tomorrow
la-mi-do-re lmdr 6312
LaMiDoRe Augment, increase, enlarge, add to, magnify, magnification, extra, added, increased, additional
la-fa-do-mi lfdm 6413
LaFaDoMi Add, addition, additional
la-la-fa-so llfs 6645
LaLaFaSol Absence of danger, safety, security, safe, secure
la-ti lt 67
LaSi Of
ti-do-do tdd 711
SiDoDo Atmosphere, air
ti-do-ti tdt 717
SiDoSi Learn, learning, education, apprenticeship
ti-re-fa-mi trfm 7243
SiReFaMi Modesty, humility, modest, humble, modestly, humbly
ti-mi-so-fa tmsf 7354
SiMiSolFa Employment, job, function, responsibility, mission, employed, employee, staff, agent
ti-fa-so-fa tfsf 7454
SiFaSolFa Follow, following, next
ti-so ts 75
SiSol Mister, sir
ti-so-re tsr 752
SiSolRe Encourage, embolden, stimulate
ti-la tl 76
SiLa Madame, Ms
ti-ti-la ttl 776
SiSiLa Heat, warmth, warm, caloric, with heat, warmly

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