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Monday, December 10, 2012

#0144 - ENGLISH 49 do-re-mi


Day DO RE MI FA SO LA TI →   ↓  
1 Imperfect, definite preterite do-do-do ??? One, first, single, unit, only Thirteen, thirteenth Eighty, eightieth Sunday Temperature, climate Atmosphere, air ??-DO-DO
2 I, me, myself, personally, we, ourselves Earth, world, globe, land Philosophy, philosopher, philosophical Sympathy, inclination, sympathize, take pleasure Immoral, immorality, without principles Copy, transcribe, transcription College, high school, institution, university, teacher, professor, headmaster Dishonor, degrade, defile, humiliate ??-DO-RE
3 You, yourself, (singular or plural) Seasons Loathe, repugnance, repulsive Attract, draw, appeal to Letter (mail), missive, epistle Imitate, forge, mimic, emulate, counterfeit School, student, pupil, disciple Enmity, hostility, enemy, opponent, antagonist, hostile ??-DO-MI
4 He, she, it, him, her, them, they Winter Moral, morally, moralize Prefer, like the most Date, era Example, model, type Read, reading, reader, readable, legibly Start, begin, commence ??-DO-FA
5 Self, oneself Spring Customs Trinity To sign, signature Translate, interpret, translation, interpreter Book, volume, tome Study ??-DO-SO
6 One, someone, another person Summer Proverb, maxim Reciprocity, mutuality, respective, vice versa Stamp, seal Comment, commentary, commentator Preface, foreword, preamble, introduction Progress, progressive ??-DO-LA
7 Other, another, different, alternative Autumn, fall Honor, honorable, venerable, respectable Fond of, attached, be attached to, friend, friendly, take to End, complete, finish, final, finally, termination, achieve Tradition, traditionally, traditional Word, term Learn, learning, education, apprenticeship ??-DO-TI
Day DO RE MI FA SO LA TI →   ↓  
8 My, mine Time July Love each other, agree Contact, address, send a letter Imply, implied Alphabet, alphabetical(ly) Grammar, syntax, grammatically ??-RE-DO
9 Pluperfect January re-re-re ??? Fourteen, fourteenth Hundred, hundredth The past, former, past Fog, mist, foggy, misty Star, planet, comet ??-RE-RE
10 Your, yours Day August Beloved, darling, dear, dearly loved Be, exist (auxiliary) Ingratitude, disregarding, ungrateful Spell, spelling Spell, spelling, orthography, orthographic ??-RE-MI
11 His, her, its Week September Tenderness, kindness, loving, tenderly, fondness, endearment Go, proceed Shorten, abbreviate, concise, terse, succinct, brief Syllable, syllabic, monosyllable, monosyllabic Accuracy, exactitude, punctuality, assiduity ??-RE-FA
12 Our, ours Month October Acknowledge, gratitude, recognition, be grateful Lengthen, extend, extension, elongation Language, idiom, dialect, linguistics, philology Lesson, instruction Regular, symmetric, symmetry, correct ??-RE-SO
13 Your, yours (plural) Year November Devote, focus, devote oneself, dedication Mail, post, post office Dictionary, vocabulary, glossary Phrase, sentence Attention, take care, contemplation, be careful ??-RE-LA
14 Their, theirs Century December Link, bond, chain, fasten Inexactitude, inaccuracy, inexact Irregularity, anomaly, irregular Distraction, inattention, inadvertently, inattentive, carelessness, disapplied Apply, applied, studious, studiously ??-RE-TI
Day DO RE MI FA SO LA TI →   ↓  
15 For Universe, Creation Limit, confine, border, circumscribe Seven, seventh Free, exempt, enfranchisement, emancipate Devil, Satan, Lucifer, demon, satanic Temporary, fleeting Distinguish, differentiate, discern, difference, nuance, ??-MI-DO
16 That, which, who Infinity, unlimited, endless, undefined, immensity, unbounded, immeasurable Merit, be worthy of, laudable, praised Eight, eighth, octave Evil, wicked, malignant, harmful, maleficence Verb, noun, adjective, adverb Write, writing, writer Explain, define, demonstrate, expound, definition, explanation ??-MI-RE
17 Future February Two, second, secondly, interval of a second mi-mi-mi ??? Thousand, thousandth The present Humidity, wet, moisten, soak, humid Moon, lunar ??-MI-MI
18 Whose Providence, providential, welfare Benevolence, well-doing Nine, ninth Stamp, postmark (verb) Article Pen Meaning, significance ??-MI-FA
19 Well, well done, good God, the all-powerful, supreme being Alms, charity Ten, tenth Have (auxiliary), possess, own, get Pronoun Forget, overlook, neglect, forgetful, omit Simplify, make easy, simple, elementary ??-MI-SO
20 Here, behold, here is Eternize, perpetuate, eternal, eternity Give, gift, present Eleven, eleventh Postman, courier, mail Remember, recollection, commemorate, memorial, souvenir Ink, inkwell Facilitate, make easy, aid, easy ??-MI-LA
21 Good evening, good night Immortalize, immortal, indestructible, imperishable Inexplicable, indefinable, incomprehensible, inconceiveable, enigmatic Twelve, twelfth Carry, bring, portable Complicate, complication, make difficult Difficulty, trouble, hardness Clarify, lighten, elucidate, explicit, clarity, conceivable ??-MI-TI
Day DO RE MI FA SO LA TI →   ↓  
22 What?, what is this? Majesty, grandeur, magnitude, imposing, majestic Notability, significant, fame Agreement, pleasure, enjoyment Nineteen, nineteenth Neutral, neutrality Paper, sheet of paper, parchment Dictate, dictation, read out ??-FA-DO
23 That, that one, those (people or things) Supreme, sovreign dignities, honors, honorary Please, like, pleasant, seductive Twenty, twentieth Delete, erase, cross out, strike out, efface Page, leaf, flip/thumb through Fault, defect, failure, defective, failed ??-FA-RE
24 This, this one, these (people or things) Magnificence, splendor, superb Displease, unpleasant, uncomfortable Sigh Thirty, thirtieth Lower, diminish, step down Notebook, portfolio Correct, reform, correction, reformation ??-FA-MI
25 Conditional March Three, third, thirdly, interval of a third Fifteenth, fifteenth fa-fa-fa ??? The future Snow, hail, sleet Sun, solar ??-FA-FA
26 Here, here is, this is Marvel, wonder Indelible (uneraseable) Raise, elevate, uplift, high Fourty, fourtieth Intimidate, bully, to trouble Manuscript, scroll, writing Wait, patience, patient ??-FA-SO
27 Good, tasty, delectable, exquisite, delicious Miracle, supernatural, miraculous Privilege, prerogative Desire, wish, want, desirous Fifty, fiftieth Let, allow Text, textual, verbatim, to the letter Repeat, recapitulate ??-FA-LA
28 Much, very, a lot, many (augmentative) Adore, worship Qualify, rights Incorrigible, unable to be corrected Sixty, sixtieth Impatient, irritable, impatience, chafe Subject, topic, thesis, theme Reiterate, renew, again ??-FA-TI
Day DO RE MI FA SO LA TI →   ↓  
29 Nothing, nil, naught, null Pray Doubt, skepticism, skeptical The Holy Spirit Cause, because of, due to Monday Irreligion, irreligious, impious, impiety Compete, contest ??-SO-DO
30 Why? What for? Believe Err, mistake, error, wrong The grace of God Theism, deism, theist, belief in God Tuesday Pencil, sketch Encourage, embolden, stimulate ??-SO-RE
31 Wrong, evil Jesus Christ Heresy, heretic Sweetness, pleasantness, smooth, even-tempered Malice, unkindness, ill will, disparaging, malignancy Wednesday Inequality, unequal, uneven Inspect, review, inspector, inspection ??-SO-MI
32 Because, for Holy Virgin Atheism, atheist Benevolence, affability, goodwill Act, behave, conduct Thursday Undo, undone Review, scrutinize, investigate ??-SO-FA
33 Imperative April Four, fourth, fourthly, interval of a fourth Sixteen, sixteenth Million, millionth so-so-so ??? Freeze, frost, ice, icy Shine, radiate, radiance, radiation ??-SO-SO
34 Always, perpetuate, perpetually, constantly Religion Materialism, materialistic, materialize Equal, equality, equally Do, make, action, doable, commit Friday Align, line, row Analyze, analysis, analyst, analytical ??-SO-LA
35 Thanks, thank Sanctify Discourage, discouragement, tedious Amiability, kindness, kind, pleasant Prepare, make ready, preparation Saturday Draw, trace Question, interrogate, query ??-SO-TI
Day DO RE MI FA SO LA TI →   ↓  
36 Yesterday Charity, charitable, charitably Misanthropy, misanthrope Appraise, estimate, consider Have to (auxiliary) Excuse, exonerate, pardon, pardonable, excusable Dawn, twilight Compare, comparison, similarity, similitude, comparable ??-LA-DO
37 Today, this day Philanthropy, philanthropist Antagonize, thwart, inconvenience, annoying, bother Confide, confidence Able, can, may, possible, practicability Tolerate, bear, indulge, indulgence, tolerance Day, daylight, light Crown, tiara, coronation, crowned ??-LA-RE
38 Tomorrow Despise, contempt, contemptuous Distrust, suspect, beware, skittish Be passionate, passion, ardor, ardently Means, resources, by means of, via Forgive, pardon, amnesty, mercy, forgiveness Meteorology, phenomenon, meteor Hate, detest, abhor, hatred, animosity, aversion ??-LA-MI
39 Bad Sympathize, pity, compassion Impossible, impracticable, impossibility Idolize, dote on, idolatry Understand, intellect Favor, favorite, favorable, prefer Morning Unable, unfit, incapable, inept ??-LA-FA
40 Never Inexcusable, unforgivable Intolerance, severity, rigorism, inflexible, rigid Love (for things) Disfavor, disrepute, disgrace Permit, allow, authorize, permission Evening, twilight Down, descent, go down ??-LA-SO
41 Present participle May Five, fifth, fifthly, interval of a fifth Seventeen, seventeenth Billion, billionth Hour la-la-la ??? Sky, firmament, Milky Way, celestial dome, heavenly ??-LA-LA
42 Of Incomparable, invaluable, unparalleled, without equal Regret, be sorry, repent, rue Love, cherish, lover, enamored Trend, tendency, inclination to, disposition Climb, mount, rise, climbing, ascent Night, by night Medal, medallion ??-LA-TI
Day DO RE MI FA SO LA TI →   ↓  
43 How Help, aid, assist, rescue Mistreat, bully, maltreatment, brutality, rudeness Fidelity, fathfulness, loyalty Walk, step Run, gallop, race, runner Point, the main idea Rain, shower, downpour, rainy ??-TI-DO
44 Each, every Support, base Toughen, hard, hardness, tough To last, durable, stability, permanent, duration Inquire, investigate To be happy, happiness, joy, playfulness, elation, happy, gay, joyful, perky, merrily, cheerfully, happily Have fun, enjoy, be delighted, entertainment, amuse Wind, breeze, zephyr, gust, hurricane ??-TI-RE
45 Good morning/afternoon, hello Unfaithfulness, infidelity Spite, bad mood/attitude, sulky, grumpiness, cantankerous, recalcitrant To get engaged, engagement, fiancé Divorce, disown, repudiate, unmarry To be unlucky, misfortune, setback, calamity, disaster, unfortunate Penalty, displeasure, tribulation, pain, punishment Cloud, cloudy ??-TI-MI
46 Little, scarcely Accomplish, fulfill Become Marry, marriage, husband, wife, spouse Want (to do something) (for desires and wanting things, see `mifala`) Laugh, hilarity, laughing Hesitate, go with uncertainty, irresolution, indecisive Lightning, flash ??-TI-FA
47 Mister, sir Duty, obligation To be sad, sadness, gloom, melancholy, sad To be lucky, luck, fortune, fortunate, lucky, fortunately, luckily Cry, weep, sob, tears Smile, grin, smiling Punctuate, punctuation Thunder, storm, stormy ??-TI-SO
48 Madame, Ms Noble, ennobled, dignity, worthy, just, pride Bored, boredom Enjoy, enjoyment, pleasure, delirium, intoxicated, drunk Decide, determine, resolve, decision, resolution Skip, hop, jump, pounce, frolic Punctuation mark, question mark, exclamation point, comma Heat, warmth, warm, caloric, with heat, warmly ??-TI-LA
49 Past participle June Six, sixth, sixthly, interval of a sixth Eighteen, eighteenth Trillion, trillionth Minute, second, moment, instant Cold, chilly, frigid ti-ti-ti ??? ??-TI-TI
Day DO RE MI FA SO LA TI →   ↓  

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