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Monday, October 29, 2012



Reverse, inverse, in reverse, in the opposite way
Spell, spelling
Be, exist (auxiliary)
Reverse, inverse, in reverse, in the opposite way
Explain, define, demonstrate, expound, definition, explanation

No, not, nor And Or At, to If The Yes, willingly
DO Imperfect, definite preterite I, me, myself, personally, we, ourselves You, yourself, (singular or plural) He, she, it, him, her, them, they Self, oneself One, someone, another person Other, another, different, alternative
RE My, mine Pluperfect Your, yours His, her, its Our, ours Your, yours (plural) Their, theirs
MI For That, which, who Future Whose Well, well done, good Here, behold, here is Good evening, good night
FA What?, what is this? That, that one, those (people or things) This, this one, these (people or things) Conditional Here, here is, this is
Good, tasty, delectable, exquisite, delicious
Much, very, a lot, many (augmentative)
SO Nothing, nil, naught, null Why? What for? Wrong, evil Because, for Imperative
Always, perpetuate, perpetually, constantly
Thanks, thank
LA Yesterday Today, this day Tomorrow
Present participle Of
TI How Each, every Good morning/afternoon, hello
Little, scarcely
Mister, sir Madame, Ms Past participle
DO-DO Earth, world, globe, land Seasons Winter Spring Summer Autumn, fall
DO-RE Time January Day Week Month Year Century
DO-MI Universe, Creation
Infinity, unlimited, endless, undefined, immensity, unbounded, immeasurable
February Providence, providential, welfare
God, the all-powerful, supreme being
Eternize, perpetuate, eternal, eternity
Immortalize, immortal, indestructible, imperishable
DO-FA Majesty, grandeur, magnitude, imposing, majestic Supreme, sovreign Magnificence, splendor, superb March
Marvel, wonder
Miracle, supernatural, miraculous Adore, worship
DO-SO Pray
Jesus Christ Holy Virgin April
DO-LA Charity, charitable, charitably
Philanthropy, philanthropist
Despise, contempt, contemptuous
Sympathize, pity, compassion
Inexcusable, unforgivable
Incomparable, invaluable, unparalleled, without equal
DO-TI Help, aid, assist, rescue Support, base
Unfaithfulness, infidelity
Accomplish, fulfill
Duty, obligation Noble, ennobled, dignity, worthy, just, pride June
RE-DO One, first, single, unit, only Philosophy, philosopher, philosophical
Loathe, repugnance, repulsive
Moral, morally, moralize
Customs Proverb, maxim
Honor, honorable, venerable, respectable
RE-RE July August September October November December
Limit, confine, border, circumscribe
Merit, be worthy of, laudable, praised Two, second, secondly, interval of a second
Benevolence, well-doing
Alms, charity Give, gift, present
Inexplicable, indefinable, incomprehensible, inconceiveable, enigmatic
RE-FA Notability, significant, fame dignities, honors, honorary
Displease, unpleasant, uncomfortable
Three, third, thirdly, interval of a third
Indelible (uneraseable)
Privilege, prerogative Qualify, rights
Doubt, skepticism, skeptical
Err, mistake, error, wrong
Heresy, heretic
Atheism, atheist
Four, fourth, fourthly, interval of a fourth Materialism, materialistic, materialize
Discourage, discouragement, tedious
Misanthropy, misanthrope
Antagonize, thwart, inconvenience, annoying, bother
Distrust, suspect, beware, skittish
Impossible, impracticable, impossibility
Intolerance, severity, rigorism, inflexible, rigid
Five, fifth, fifthly, interval of a fifth
Regret, be sorry, repent, rue
RE-TI Mistreat, bully, maltreatment, brutality, rudeness Toughen, hard, hardness, tough Spite, bad mood/attitude, sulky, grumpiness, cantankerous, recalcitrant Become
To be sad, sadness, gloom, melancholy, sad
Bored, boredom
Six, sixth, sixthly, interval of a sixth
MI-DO Thirteen, thirteenth
Sympathy, inclination, sympathize, take pleasure
Attract, draw, appeal to Prefer, like the most
Reciprocity, mutuality, respective, vice versa
Fond of, attached, be attached to, friend, friendly, take to
MI-RE Love each other, agree Fourteen, fourteenth Beloved, darling, dear, dearly loved Tenderness, kindness, loving, tenderly, fondness, endearment
Acknowledge, gratitude, recognition, be grateful
Devote, focus, devote oneself, dedication Link, bond, chain, fasten
MI-MI Seven, seventh Eight, eighth, octave Nine, ninth Ten, tenth Eleven, eleventh Twelve, twelfth
MI-FA Agreement, pleasure, enjoyment
Please, like, pleasant, seductive
Sigh Fifteenth, fifteenth
Raise, elevate, uplift, high
Desire, wish, want, desirous
Incorrigible, unable to be corrected
MI-SO The Holy Spirit
The grace of God
Sweetness, pleasantness, smooth, even-tempered
Benevolence, affability, goodwill
Sixteen, sixteenth
Equal, equality, equally
Amiability, kindness, kind, pleasant
Appraise, estimate, consider
Confide, confidence
Be passionate, passion, ardor, ardently Idolize, dote on, idolatry Love (for things) Seventeen, seventeenth
Love, cherish, lover, enamored
Fidelity, fathfulness, loyalty
To last, durable, stability, permanent, duration To get engaged, engagement, fiancé
Marry, marriage, husband, wife, spouse
To be lucky, luck, fortune, fortunate, lucky, fortunately, luckily
Enjoy, enjoyment, pleasure, delirium, intoxicated, drunk
Eighteen, eighteenth
FA-DO Eighty, eightieth
Immoral, immorality, without principles
Letter (mail), missive, epistle Date, era To sign, signature Stamp, seal
End, complete, finish, final, finally, termination, achieve
FA-RE Contact, address, send a letter Hundred, hundredth Be, exist (auxiliary) Go, proceed
Lengthen, extend, extension, elongation
Mail, post, post office
Inexactitude, inaccuracy, inexact
FA-MI Free, exempt, enfranchisement, emancipate
Evil, wicked, malignant, harmful, maleficence
Thousand, thousandth Stamp, postmark (verb) Have (auxiliary), possess, own, get Postman, courier, mail Carry, bring, portable
FA-FA Nineteen, nineteenth Twenty, twentieth Thirty, thirtieth Fourty, fourtieth Fifty, fiftieth Sixty, sixtieth
FA-SO Cause, because of, due to
Theism, deism, theist, belief in God
Malice, unkindness, ill will, disparaging, malignancy
Act, behave, conduct Million, millionth
Do, make, action, doable, commit
Prepare, make ready, preparation
FA-LA Have to (auxiliary)
Able, can, may, possible, practicability
Means, resources, by means of, via Understand, intellect
Disfavor, disrepute, disgrace
Billion, billionth
Trend, tendency, inclination to, disposition
Walk, step
Inquire, investigate
Divorce, disown, repudiate, unmarry
Want (to do something) (for desires and wanting things, see `mifala`)
Cry, weep, sob, tears
Decide, determine, resolve, decision, resolution
Trillion, trillionth
SO-DO Sunday Copy, transcribe, transcription
Imitate, forge, mimic, emulate, counterfeit
Example, model, type Translate, interpret, translation, interpreter Comment, commentary, commentator Tradition, traditionally, traditional
SO-RE Imply, implied The past, former, past
Ingratitude, disregarding, ungrateful
Shorten, abbreviate, concise, terse, succinct, brief
Language, idiom, dialect, linguistics, philology Dictionary, vocabulary, glossary
Irregularity, anomaly, irregular
Devil, Satan, Lucifer, demon, satanic
Verb, noun, adjective, adverb The present Article Pronoun
Remember, recollection, commemorate, memorial, souvenir
Complicate, complication, make difficult
Neutral, neutrality
Delete, erase, cross out, strike out, efface
Lower, diminish, step down
The future Intimidate, bully, to trouble Let, allow
Impatient, irritable, impatience, chafe
SO-SO Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Excuse, exonerate, pardon, pardonable, excusable
Tolerate, bear, indulge, indulgence, tolerance
Forgive, pardon, amnesty, mercy, forgiveness
Favor, favorite, favorable, prefer
Permit, allow, authorize, permission Hour
Climb, mount, rise, climbing, ascent
SO-TI Run, gallop, race, runner
To be happy, happiness, joy, playfulness, elation, happy, gay, joyful, perky, merrily, cheerfully, happily
To be unlucky, misfortune, setback, calamity, disaster, unfortunate
Laugh, hilarity, laughing
Smile, grin, smiling Skip, hop, jump, pounce, frolic Minute, second, moment, instant
LA-DO Temperature, climate College, high school, institution, university, teacher, professor, headmaster School, student, pupil, disciple Read, reading, reader, readable, legibly Book, volume, tome Preface, foreword, preamble, introduction Word, term
LA-RE Alphabet, alphabetical(ly) Fog, mist, foggy, misty Spell, spelling Syllable, syllabic, monosyllable, monosyllabic Lesson, instruction Phrase, sentence
Distraction, inattention, inadvertently, inattentive, carelessness, disapplied
Temporary, fleeting
Write, writing, writer Humidity, wet, moisten, soak, humid Pen
Forget, overlook, neglect, forgetful, omit
Ink, inkwell
Difficulty, trouble, hardness
LA-FA Paper, sheet of paper, parchment Page, leaf, flip/thumb through Notebook, portfolio Snow, hail, sleet Manuscript, scroll, writing Text, textual, verbatim, to the letter Subject, topic, thesis, theme
Irreligion, irreligious, impious, impiety
Pencil, sketch
Inequality, unequal, uneven
Undo, undone
Freeze, frost, ice, icy Align, line, row Draw, trace
LA-LA Dawn, twilight Day, daylight, light Meteorology, phenomenon, meteor Morning Evening, twilight Night, by night
LA-TI Point, the main idea
Have fun, enjoy, be delighted, entertainment, amuse
Penalty, displeasure, tribulation, pain, punishment
Hesitate, go with uncertainty, irresolution, indecisive
Punctuate, punctuation Punctuation mark, question mark, exclamation point, comma Cold, chilly, frigid
TI-DO Atmosphere, air
Dishonor, degrade, defile, humiliate
Enmity, hostility, enemy, opponent, antagonist, hostile
Start, begin, commence
Study Progress, progressive Learn, learning, education, apprenticeship
TI-RE Grammar, syntax, grammatically Star, planet, comet Spell, spelling, orthography, orthographic
Accuracy, exactitude, punctuality, assiduity
Regular, symmetric, symmetry, correct
Attention, take care, contemplation, be careful
Apply, applied, studious, studiously
TI-MI Distinguish, differentiate, discern, difference, nuance,
Explain, define, demonstrate, expound, definition, explanation
Moon, lunar Meaning, significance
Simplify, make easy, simple, elementary
Facilitate, make easy, aid, easy
Clarify, lighten, elucidate, explicit, clarity, conceivable
TI-FA Dictate, dictation, read out Fault, defect, failure, defective, failed
Correct, reform, correction, reformation
Sun, solar
Wait, patience, patient
Repeat, recapitulate Reiterate, renew, again
TI-SO Compete, contest
Encourage, embolden, stimulate
Inspect, review, inspector, inspection Review, scrutinize, investigate Shine, radiate, radiance, radiation Analyze, analysis, analyst, analytical Question, interrogate, query
Compare, comparison, similarity, similitude, comparable
Crown, tiara, coronation, crowned
Hate, detest, abhor, hatred, animosity, aversion
Unable, unfit, incapable, inept
Down, descent, go down
Sky, firmament, Milky Way, celestial dome, heavenly Medal, medallion
TI-TI Rain, shower, downpour, rainy Wind, breeze, zephyr, gust, hurricane Cloud, cloudy Lightning, flash Thunder, storm, stormy Heat, warmth, warm, caloric, with heat, warmly
DO-DO-RE Clergy, priesthood, sacred order, Ecclesiastic, priest, abbot, `father`, priestly do-do-re-re ??? Vicariate, vicar Pastor, presbytery, presbyterian Bishop, Episcopal (of a bishop) Archbishop, Metropolitan Cardinal
DO-DO-MI Crucifix, cross Redeem, redemption do-do-mi-mi ??? Resurrect, resurrection
Paradise, residence of the blessed, Eden
Angel, cherub, archangel, seraphim, angelic, seraphic
Perfection, completeness, fulfillment, perfect, completed, in perfection, flawless
DO-DO-FA Papacy, pontificate, the Pope, the holy father, his Holiness, Papal, pontifically
Consecrate, dedicate, sacred, dedicated, inviolable, inviolably
Bless, blessing do-do-fa-fa ??? Regenerate, regeneration, regenerated Apostolate, apostleship, apostle, disciple Mission
DO-DO-SO Seek to convert, proselytism
Loosen, relax, release, relaxation, releasing
Evangelize, gospel, Bible, New Testament, Evangelist, evangelical, evangelically Catechize, catechism, catechist do-do-so-so ??? Christianity, Christian, Christianly, like a Christian Dogma, doctrine, dogmatic, dogmatically
DO-DO-LA Theology, theological, theologian, theoglogically Catholicism, Catholicity, Catholic (n.), Catholic (adj.) Protestantism, Calvinism, Lutheranism, Protestant, Calvinist, Lutheran Muhammedanism, Mohammed, Mohammedan Judaize, Judaism, Jewish, Israelite, Judaic do-do-la-la ??? Paganism, Pagan, Gentile, Heathen
DO-DO-TI Church, temple, cathedral Steeple, tower of a church Chapel, Chaplain Altar, sanctuary, tabernacle Pulpit, platform Preach, preaching, sermon, preacher do-do-ti-ti ???
DO-RE-DO Jesuitism, Jesuit, Jesuitical Birth, born, native born
Body, the human body, physical
Head, brain, skull Hair, eyebrows, mustache, beard, eyelashes Face Cheeks
DO-RE-RE Diocese, diocesan Parish, parishioner Church warden Sacristy, sacristan Begging, collection, seeker, beggar Contribute, contribution
DO-RE-MI Forehead, temple, front Eyes, eyelid, eye Congregation, congregational Nose, nostril, nasal Mouth, lips, tongue, palate Teeth, dental, dentition Chin
Lavish, wasteful, prodigality
Neck, throat, larynx Chest, breast Canon, canonical Shoulder Arm, elbow, wrist Hand, palm
Disrupt, disturb, upset, upheaval, disturbance
Servant, maid, valet, chambermaid
Stomach Abdomen, belly Carthusian, Carthusian Monk (A monk or nun of an `austere contemplative` order founded by St. Bruno in 1084) Intestines, entrails, guts, intestinal Liver, spleen
DO-RE-LA Back, backbone, spine, vertebral column Kidneys Hips, side
Unapproachable, inaccessible
Buttocks, bottom, behind, anus A religious person, monk, capuchin (a friar belonging to a branch of the Franciscan order), trappist Skin, flesh, epidermis
DO-RE-TI Bone, ossification Marrow Artery, vein Chyle Blood, bloody Circulate, circulation Beg, begging, mendicity, beggar, mendicant
DO-MI-DO Mortify oneself, macerate oneself, torment oneself, martyr oneself, mortification, maceration, austerity, austere, austerely Members Thigh, knee Leg, calf Foot, heel Finger, index finger, thumb Fingernail, nail
DO-MI-RE The five senses Cilice, hairshirt, haircloth, discipline
See, vision, visual
Touch, feel, handle Taste Smell
Hear, hearing, auditory, audible
DO-MI-MI Divine office, religious cerimoney, rite, ritual Procession Mass, Grand mass Vesper, vespers, compline (evening prayer) The Salvation Angelus (A Catholic devotion commemorating the Incarnation of Jesus (including the Hail Mary), said at morning, noon, and sunset)
DO-MI-FA Humanity, mankind, man, woman, male, female
Live, exist, be, life, existence
Breathe, breath, breathing Fast, fasting, faster, of a fast
Child, children, jouvenile, adolescent
Grow, increase, growth, stature, size
Strength, force, vigour, virility, strong, manly
Superiority, supreme, elite, first order
Power, authority, preeminence, rule
Grandeur, magnitude, magnanimity, great
Intelligence, capacity, smart, intellect
Spirit, spiritual, have spirit
Talk, utter, speak, speech, speaking, verbal, speaker, verbally, orally
Pronounce, articulate, pronunciation, articulation
Argue, reason, confer
Rationality, reason, sense, reasonable
Discern, discernment, judgement, good sense, dialectic, logic, sensible, wisely, logician, judicious Lent Insight, perspicacity, sagacity, clairvoyance, discerning, sharpness
Skill, ability, know-how, competence, clever, adroit, expert, skillful
Pretend, claim, pretense
Liberate, release, free, freedom, independence
Energy, energetic, force
Firmness, stoicism, strong, unshakeable, fortitude, hardiness
To face, confront, courage, bravery, courageous, valiant, intrepid
Superstition, superstitious, superstitiously
DO-FA-DO Bigotry, hypocrisy, bigot, hypocrite
Wait, pending, expectation, until
Know, knowledge, cognizable Be related, related, relationships Social, sociability, sociably, sociable Educate, rear (raise), education, educated, well brought up
Stinginess, parsimony, miser, sordid, squalor, scant, avarice
Fanaticism, fanatic Save, economy, savings, economic, economically Prosper, prosperity, prosperous, flourishing Be at ease, comfortable, ease, wellbeing, comfortably
Enrich, wealth, rich, fortune, opulence, opulent
Luxury, deluxe, magnificence, sumptuous, pompous, luxurious, prosperous
DO-FA-MI Feelings, principles
Qualify, qualification, quality, attribute, qualifier
Behind, back, rear, backward
Have virtue, virtue, virtuous, virtuously
Wisdom, wise, sage, wisely
Modesty, chastity, modest, chaste
Be purified, purity, sweetness, pure, sweet, intact, irreproachable, blameless
DO-FA-FA Easter Ascension, the Feast of Ascension Pentecost Assumption Day All Saints` Day Christmas
Innocence, innocent, innocently
Naivety, candor, simplicity, candid, naïve, simply
Beautify, beauty, lovely, pretty, beautiful
Grace, graceful, graciously
Persecute, persecution, perecutor, persecutory Charm, enchant, attractions, charms, charming, attractive, enchanting, delightful
Truth, reality, true, veracity, truthful, real, effective, really, actually
Frankness, honesty, sincerity, frank, sincere, truly
Goodness, meekness, benignity
Sensitivity, impressionability, sensitive, impressionable
Heartfelt, warmth, effusion, profusely Generosity, liberality, munificence, liberal, generous Curse, damn, excommunicate, anathematize, curse, damnation, excommunication, anathema, imprecation
Humanity, helpful, humanitarian, humanly
Prudence, caution, carefully, circumspection
Predict, forecast, foresee, anticipate, foresight
Discretion, discrete, reserved
Consiousness, awareness, conscientous
Honesty, integrity, righteousness, integrity, rectitude, incorruptibility
Delicacy, tact, delicate, gently
Flog, torment, torture, flagellation, martyrdom, torture
DO-SO-DO Punish, chastise, punishment, chastisement, correctional, corrections Appeal, evoke Ask, request, demand
Open, opening, ajar, gaping, opener
Enter, penetrate, entry
Inside, in, internal, internally
Essence, innate, fundamentally, intrinsically, inherently
Arrange, arrangement, order, ordered
Be damned, damned, excommunicated, damnable, damnably
Experience, experienced
Regulate, regularize, rule, discipline, regularity, statute
Occupy, deal with, get involved, occupation, absorbed, occupied
Attribute to, attribution, attributive Accidental, by chance, fortuitous
Inferiority, lower, secondary, subordinate
Watch, look after, standby, vigil, watchfulness (vigilance?)
Tempt, try, temptation, tempter, trying, tempting
Light (verb), turn/switch on, match, igniter, lighter
Candle, wax Gas, gasometer
Illuminate, light up, lighting, illumination, clear, well lit
Guilt, culpability, guilty, culprit, reprehensible, blameworthy, reproachable, punishable
Awaken, arouse, awake, wake up, alarm clock Rise, get up, stand up, standing, raised, lifted, on foot Sin, sinner, sinful
Appear, appearance
Come, approach, hasten, coming Salute, bow, greet, hello, greetings
DO-SO-SO Sacrament, sacramental Baptize, baptismal font, baptism, baptismal Take Communion, approach the Holy Table, the Holy Sacrament, the Eucharist, Communion, sacrament, Last Supper, Eucharistique Wafer, the bread of Communion Confirm, confirmation (the rite at which a person affirms belief and is admitted as a full member of the church) Extreme Unction (anointing the sick, esp. when administered to the dying), the Holy Oils
DO-SO-LA Listen, hearken, lend an ear, listener, earpiece, earphone
Rid, unload, riddance, discharge, unloading
Compliment, commend, praise, congratulation, compliment, laud, laudatory
Exaggerate, amplify, magnify, exaggeration, amplification Flatter, adulate, fawn, flattery, adulation, sycophancy, flattering Repent, repentance, contrition, remorse, repentant, contrite Complacent, condescend, complacency, condescension, patronizing
DO-SO-TI Advise, urge, council, exhortation, advice Remonstrate, remonstrance (Argue in protest or opposition) Suggest, insinuate, insinuation, innuendo, allusion Lead, guide, conduct, drive, mentor, cicerone Take, carry, bring Hasten, rush, willingness, enthusiasm, readiness, eager Kneel, bow down, genuflection, prostration, kneeling, prostrate
DO-LA-DO Admit, admission Invite, summon, call, invitation
Accept, acquiesce, adhere, consent, aggree, acceptance
Put, lay, affix, put, set, place, apposition
Cover (noun) Table Tablecloth, napkin
DO-LA-RE Tableware, dishes, plate, dish, cup, vase Confess, confession, penitent Fork; also slang: `to be right` Spoon, scoop, spoonful Cup, glass, goblet, mug, beaker Bottle, jar, carafe, flask Wine, champagne, &c.
Silence, shut up, hush, taciturn, silently
Water, wet To hear a confession, confessional, the confessional, tribune of penitence, confessor Thirsty, thirst, parched Drink, drinker
Hunger, appetite, starvation
Eat, eating, eater, eatable
Hide, conceal, dissimulate, sneaky
Feed, nourish, food, substantial, nourishing, feeder, nurse Soup, broth Reconcile, patch up, mend, repatriate (?), reconciliation, reconciling Pasta, macaroni, vermicelli, &c. Bread, loaf, crumb, crust Fish, oysters, eels, salmon
DO-LA-SO Meat, steak, beef Roast, roasting, toast, grill, broil Poultry, pigeon, chicken, duck, turkey Game (food), partridge, hare, roe Deliver, save, rescue, deliverer, saviour Pastry, cake, meringue, pie Pork, ham
DO-LA-LA Litany, litanies (a `call and response` recital in church services or processions) To say Psalms, to chant Psalms, psalmody, psalmist, psalm, canticle Plainchant, plainsong (Unaccompanied church music sung in unison, taken from the liturgy) Lectern, `easel` (?) Master, Choirboy Cense, incense, censer
DO-LA-TI Salt, salted, salting, salt shaker Pepper, spice, pepper shaker Vinegar, add vinegar, vinaigrette
North, northern, northward
Oil, oily, oil dispenser, lubricate Mustard Protect, patronize, protection, patronage, protectorate, auspices, protector, patron, patroness
DO-TI-DO Glorify, give glory, glorification
Suffice, sufficiency, sufficient, enough, necessary
Vegetables, peas, asparagus, spinach, artichokes Salad, lettuce Season, flavor, dress, seasoning, dressing Juice, sauce, juicy Eggs, egg shell, omelette
DO-TI-RE Dairy, milk, cream, creamy, dairyman Edify, set a good example, edification, edifying, exemplary, exemplarily Butter Cheese Dessert, hazelnuts, nuts, almonds, chestnuts, walnuts Fruit, strawberries, raspberries, currants, cherries Fruit, grapes, peaches, pears, apples, plums
Inability, awkwardness, clumsiness, incompetence, clumsy
Pour, spill
After, later, at a later time
Liquors Spirits, alcohol, brandy, rum, absinthe
Withdraw, disengage, retract, withdrawal
Drunk, get drunk, drunkenness, drunkard
Imprudence, temerity, recklessness, rashness, indiscretion
Beer, wing, wear Refresh, refreshing Beatify, beatification, beatitude, beatific Café, coffee shop Tea, teapot Sweeten, sugar, candy
DO-TI-SO Chocolate, cocoa
Uselessness, redundancy, superfluous, useless, in vain
Meal, feast, banquet, lunch, dinner, supper Cook, cooking, kitchen, of the kitchen Admire, be ecstatic about, rave, marvel at, admiration, ecstasy, admirer, fan, ecstatic, amazed, appreciative, admirative Provide, supply, fill, supplies, provisions, provider Food, edible
DO-TI-LA Fragment, cutting, piece, bit, slice
Empty, void, dry, blank
Appetizer, hors d`oeuvres Reserve, keep, book, conserve, reserved, conservative Buffet Respect, revere, venerate, respect, honor, reverence, veneration, respectful, reverential, respectfully, reverently Pantry
DO-TI-TI Seminar, seminarian Novitiate, novice Be converted, convert, catechumen, neophyte Devote oneself, indulge in, zeal, fervor, zealous, fervent Rosary, chaplet Parishioner, Book of Hours, breviary, missal

RE-DO-DO Cave, grotto, cavern, lair, quarry, catacomb Palisade, espalier, fence Arbor, grove, copse Nursery (of trees), nurseryman Vineyard, winemaker, vintner Greenhouse
RE-DO-RE Clothes, outfit, effects Tank, reservoir, pool, container
Generalize, universalize, make common, generality, universality, general, universal, generally, in general
Shirt Sock, stocking Shoes, boots, slippers Pants, knickers, breeches
RE-DO-MI Wash oneself, clean, lather, ablution, soap Shave, razor Valve Mirror, to be reflected, to look at oneself in a mirror Comb oneself, comb
Decrease, subtract, deduct, mitigate, reduce, discounts, reduction
Style hair, coif, hairdresser, wigmaker, wig
Unexpected, surprising, unlooked for, unforeseen, unexpectedly
Move, dislodge, displace, moving
Tie, necktie, scarf
To be healthy, health, disposed, healthy
Vest, camisole Button, buttonhole Clothe, dress (v), dress up, clothing, apparel, costume, suit
RE-DO-SO Coat, overcoat, cloak, jacket Garnish, trim, trimmed, lined Fur Glove, gloves, mittens Nut (of a screw) Cane, rod, stick, baton Umbrella, parasol
RE-DO-LA Toilet, toiletries, personal grooming, wash Corset, bodice Lace Skirt, underskirt Dress (n), robe Screw
Inevitable, unavoidable, immenent, inevitably
Insufficiency, inadequacy, inufficient, not enough
Adorn, decorate, embelish, prettify, ornament, embellishment
Invisibility, imperceptibility, invisible, imperceptible, unseen
Ring, marriage ring Bracelet, wristband Glasses, eyeglasses, spectacles
Injustice, preferential treatment, favor, iniquity, unfair, unjust, iniquitous, unfairly, unjustly
RE-RE-DO re-re-do-do ??? Build, construct, construction, architecture, builder, architect, architectural Plan, perspective, floor plan Scaffold, scaffolding Stilts, stake, picket, pole, cane, spear Build, masonry, building, mason To build a wall, wall, partition
RE-RE-MI Plaster, plasterer Limestone, quicklime, slaked lime, hydraulic lime re-re-mi-mi ??? Stone, rock, stoney, rocky Sand, sandblast, sand, sandy Asphalt, bitumen, bituminous Petrol, petroleum, oil, naphtha
RE-RE-FA Pave, macadamize, paving, macadam, paver, paved To tile, tile, brick Courtyard, court re-re-fa-fa ??? Vault, tunnel, long vault Post, pillar Fortify, fortification, rampart, parapet
RE-RE-SO Fortress, citadel, fort, bastion Barrack, barracks Be garrisoned, be stationed, garrison Terrace, plateau, estrade, esplanade re-re-so-so ??? Tower, turret, minaret, donjon, kiosk Crenellate (provide a wall of a building with battlements), notch, slot, window, battlements, slit, gap
RE-RE-LA Dome, cupola Top, summit, peak, apex Attic, garret, mansard, attic room To put a ceiling on, ceiling Roof, roofing re-re-la-la ??? Slate
RE-RE-TI Lightning rod, spire, pole, bar Gutter Trench, ditch, moat, basin, tank Marsh, swamp, wetland, marshy, muddy, boggy Mud, sludge, mire, silt, slime, dung, muddy, miry, slimy Sewer, drain, cesspit, sink re-re-ti-ti ???
RE-MI-DO Turning, lathe, turner Shawl, scarf
Depositary (Bank? Lockbox?)
Brooch, clasp, pin Hat, cap, hood, bonnet Mask, veil, veiled Elegance, elegant, elegantly
RE-MI-RE Walk, trot, march, hike, walker, hiker To make something round, ball, round Walk, stroll, wander, promenade Car, carriage, coupe, bus Visit, tour, visitor, guest Ticket, entry card The world, society, worldly, mundane
RE-MI-MI Glaze, glazing, glazier, glass, windows Grill, lattice, trellis, grating, mesh, grille Mill, miller Barn, stable, shed, cowshed Forage, grazing, fodder, hay, grass, straw, thatch, clover, alfalfa Manure, fertilizer, dung
Defect, defective, fault
Property, domain, owner Concierge, porter, janitor, caretaker, doorman, gatekeeper Encircle, surrounding wall, circle, contour, outline, circumference, around, circular, round, circularly Rent, rental, lease, renter Home, house, hut, cottage, hotel Live, reside, housing, residence, inhabitant, resident, at home, residential
Sleep, fall asleep, doze, drowsiness, sleeper, asleep, dormant
Vestibule, lobby, hall, threshold Door, gate Antechamber To bulge out, prominence, prominent, salient Room, lounge, dining room Office
RE-MI-LA Bedroom, sleeping room Fireplace, chimney, hearth, flue Lamp, torch, chandelier, lamppost, candlestick, light, beacon Window Shutters, blinds, lattice Oval, oblong Balcony, balustrade, railing
RE-MI-TI Cellar, vault Cask, barrel Ground floor, first floor
Dally, dawdle, linger, slow, stragglers, slowpoke, slowly
Staircase, stairs, steps, step Floor (1st, 2nd, 3rd…) To make square, square
Profane, desecrate, profanity, desecration, sacrilege, defiler, profane
Move in, install
Furniture, furnishings Household Furniture, chest of drawers, wardrobe Drawer Library, librarian
RE-FA-RE Closet, wardrobe, cabinet, cupboard Forge, forging, blacksmith Seat, bench, chair, sofa Sit, seated, sitting Bed, cradle, hammock Bedding, mattress, featherbed, pillow Curtains, drapes
Die, pass away, death, mortality, fatally
Stove, radiator, furnace, oven Farrier, shoer, shoeing Fire tongs, utensiles for a fire, andiron Breathe, blow, puff Fuel, heating, wood, log, pyre Coal, embers
RE-FA-FA Gear, meshed, gears Pulley Lock, locksmith, padlock Antidote, counter-poison Clef, key Bolt, safety lock
RE-FA-SO Fire, furnace, incendiary Burn, kindle, consume (as in fire), burning Twinkle, sparkle, scintillate, blaze, flame, flamboyant, blazing
Pacify, calme, peace, amity, peacemaker, peaceful, peacefully
Horseshoe Chauffeur, driver Hearth, fireplace, firebox
RE-FA-LA Rag, dishtowel, apron, pillowcase, sheet Tear (v), snag, torn, ragged, sparce, in pieces, tattered Mend, patch, mending, mender Sew, sewing, seamstress Border, edge Anvil Embroider, embroidery, embroiderer
RE-FA-TI Thimble Case, cover, sheath, box Needles, pins Chisel, cut, carving, scissors Cut, knife, cutter, cutting, sharp Work, worker Clamp, vise
Tighten, press, clench, condense, squeezing, pressure, squeeze, condensation, compactness, density, tight, pressed, squeezed, solid, compact, dense
Pouch, backpack, knapsack, bag
Convenience, ease, convenient, conveniently
Hide, bury, stash, cache, hidden, occult, stealthy, secretly Wallet, purse Contain, include, containing, capacity
Spend, expenditure, fees, disburse, liabilities, state of spending
Master, boss
Pliers Order, command, precept Send, dispatch, sending, ship (v.), shipment Dismiss, leave, vacant, dismissal
Develop, improve, development
Remove, dismiss, removal, dismissal, resignation
Impotence, powerlessness, helplessness, impotent, without authority, without influence
Sweep, broom, sweeper, sweeping Pinch, pinching Wax, waxing Brush, dust (v.)
Continue, continuation, continuer, continual, continuously
Clean, scrub, degrease, make clean, detach, scour, cleaning, cleanliness
Cunning, do tricks, ruse, subterfuge, stratagem, crafty, artful, sly
Bathe, bath, bather
Timidity, shy, apprehensive, fearful, tentative, timidly
Hammer (v.), hammer (n.), mallet, hammerman Nudity, naked, bare, strip Mop, wipe, sponge Rub, massage
RE-SO-SO Woodwork, woodworker, woodman Wood, timber, woodwork
Plane, shave, level, flatten, buff, smooth, equalize, even, flattening, polished, sleek
Flatten, flattening, flat Horizontality, horizon, horizontal, horizontally Verticality, perpendicularity, vertical, perpendicular, vertically, perpendicularly
RE-SO-LA To get tired, grow weary, fatigue, weariness, dejection, tired, overwhelmed, tiring Undress Lie down, stretch, lying down To cover, shelter, coverage, cover, sheltered, covered Rest, relax, repose Push, press, pressure, force, thrust, pushing Dream, dreaming, dreamy, reverie
Need, require, necessary, useful, indispensable, utile
Work, task, worker, travail, laborious, laboriously Practice, exercise, practicability, practitioner, practicable, executable Business, occupation, profession, career, worker, craftsman Book, work Become accustomed, accustom, familiarize, habit, usage, custom, routine, familiar, habitual Push in, drive in, hammer in, imbed, press down, screw in, thrust in, sink, sinking, driving in
RE-LA-DO Balance (v. & n.), equilibrium, balancer, upright, balanced Wash, launder, bleach, laundry, launderer Starch, stiffen, starched, stiffness Iron (v), ironing, ironer Wrinkle, crease, pleate, fold Chains, shackles, irons Sharpen, whet, hone,
RE-LA-RE Crack, split, slot, crevasse, cracked Spring, elasticity, stretch, elastic Break, brittle, fragile, fragility Break, smash, brokenness, breaker, broken Nail, pin, point, sharp, piercing, acute Drill, bore, awl, perforate Dig, make holes, excavate, hole, cavity, hollow
Stutter, mumble, stammer
Neighborhood, vicinity, close, neighborly, neighbor Side, edge, on this side, around here, in the area, in this way Strike, hit, impact, blow Agitate, shake, give motion, agitation, jerk, concussion
Cheap, inexpensive, a good deal
Ring, tinkle, peal, chime, bell, tintinnabulation, doorbell
Malignancy, wickedness, darkness, mischievous, wicked, maliciously, nastily
Bend, stoop, curvature, curve, bent Tilt, lean, leaning, slope, inclination, penchant, tendency
Right (direction), on the right
Turn, turn away
Disproportionate, disproportion, disproportionately
To hold, to have in hand
Embarrass, embarrassment, embarrassing, discomfort
Throw, launch Find Pick up, raise, lift, elevator Hang, hook, hang on, hook on, hooked, hanged Object (n) Trifel, bagatelle, peccadillo, meticulous, minutiae
RE-LA-LA Cabinetmaking, cabinetmaker Inlay, marquetry, inlaid Surface, top, superficial, superficially Ebony, rosewood, mahogany, walnut Carpentry, carpenter Plank, flooring, board, floor
Fill, complete, filling, fullness, filled, full, packed, fully
Load, burden, cargo, loading Overflow, irruption, invasion
West, western
To block, to constrict, bottled, cork Enclose, confine, contain, inclusion, confined, withdrawn, included, inclusive, enclosed Hook (n.), butcher`s hook, stud
RE-TI-DO Equip, tool, equipped Race (of people/things), lineage, strain (same sense as race), breed (n) Genealogy, genealogist, genealogical Ancestors, predecessors, sires Family, consanguinity, kinship, relative Grandparent, grandfather, grandmother Father, mother, paternity, maternity, paternal, maternal
RE-TI-RE Cause, engender, give rise to, generate, procreate, generative, genital Handle, grip Conceive, conception, pregnant, big with child Birth, childbirth Son, daughter, filial Kiss Caress, caresses, caressing
Renounce, abandon, abjure, denunciation, renunciation, abdication, detachment
Brother, sister, fraternal, fraternally Blade Grandson, granddaughter Uncle, aunt Nephew, niece Cousin
Improvidence, lack of foresight, improvident
Stepfather, stepmother Son-in-law, daughter-in-law Ax, hatchet Stepbrother, stepsister Tutelage, tutor Pupil
RE-TI-SO Godfather, godmother Name, nominal, nominative, denominative, by name Godson, goddaughter Intimacy, intimate, intimately Saw, sawyer, sawdust Familiarity, familiar, familiarly Camaraderie, fellowship, companion, comrade, peer
RE-TI-LA Promise, vow, solemn promise, promised Oblige, to be useful, helpfulness, helpful Loan, lend Host, hospitality
Ignore, ignorance, illiterate
To file (down), a file (e.g. nail file) location, place, locality, local
RE-TI-TI Mechanics, machine, device, mechanic, machinist, mechanical, mechanically Lever Cylinder, roller, cylindrical Tube, pipe, conduit, piping Bar, block, line (?) Rails, tracks, railway line

MI-DO-DO How many, how much, what amount As much as possible, as many as possible As much, no less, just as much, no more no less, equally
More, further, again, greater, increased, plus
Exceed, overstep, excess, surplus, excessive, too much, too many, immoderate, unrestrained, immoderately, excessively With
Moral, immateriality, spirituality, intangible, spiritualist, spiritualism
Approximation, approximate, approximately, almost, about, nearly so, virtually Origin, source, original, primitive, basic, originally
Precede, anteriority, priority, primacy, predecessor, previous, before, antecedent
Posterity, descendants, future generation
Disperse, scatter, disseminate, strew, sprinkle, dispersion
MI-DO-MI Equip, endow, provide
Deposit, drop off
About to, on the point of, on the verge of, just before Bequeath, to leave something for someone, testament Inherit, heritage, heir, heiress, recipient
Lack, miss, destitution, shortage, gap, famine, dearth, devoid, lacking, without
Have, possess, possession, property, asset
Despair, desolation, desperate, despairing
Mourn, mourning, bereavement Widowhood, widower, widow Much, so much Orphanage, orphan Abandon, leave, abandonment, abandoned, forasaken Suffer, be distressed, be tested, suffering, affliction, grief, pain, anguish, distress
MI-DO-SO Fear, apprehend, apprehension, fearful, apprehensive
Inconvenience, inconvenient, inconveniently
Worry, concern, anxiety, alarm, anxious
Complain, groan, whine, murmur, complaint, lamentation Also, too Destiny, fate, predestination, destined Fatalism, fatalist, inevitably
Refuse, reject, repel, exclude, dismiss, rejection, refusal, exclusion, rejectable, unacceptable
Intervene, intercede, mediate, intervention, intercession, mediation, mediator, intercessor Influence, influential Reconcile, conciliation, conciliator, conciliatory, reconcilable, accommodative Console, comfort, consolation, comforter, consolable Same, the same
Content, satisfied, contentment, satisfaction, joy of the heart, glad
MI-DO-TI Sacrifice, immolate, offering, consecration Refrain, deprive oneself, be restricted, do without, abstinence, deprivation
Improbability, unlikely, incredible, implausible
To return, come back
Try, endeavor, strive Get, obtain In it`s own way, as it pleases, in it`s manner, it`s own way
MI-RE-DO More, in addition, moreover, also, further
Particularize, specialize, particularity, speciality, particular, special, especially, particularly
Rarity, rare, rarely, almost never Take the initiative, initiative Attempt, try, test Undertake, undertaking, enterprise, entrepreneur Venture, hazard (v.), risk, adventure, expose oneself to risk, risky
MI-RE-RE Any, anything, everything, whatever, doesn`t matter No matter, nevermind, it doesn`t matter, it is irrelevant Only, not only (?) Little by little, gradually, imperceptibly, gradual, by degrees Too bad, what a shame How good, good (as an expression)
Blind (v.), blindness, blind, blindly
Enroll, register, registration, enrollment
So, so much so that, to the point that, such an extent that
Document, title, written evidence Official, formal, officially Dedicate, dedication, dedicatory Stanza, verse
MI-RE-FA Say, diction, elocution, speech, speaker Thing, object, stuff
The main, the essential, main, essential, mainly, essentially
For, because Seriousness, gravity, serious, grave, seriously Precious, preciously A curiosity, curious to see
Inexperience, inexperienced, unskilled
Participate, contribute, cooperate, be part of, participation, cooperation, participant Propose, plan, aim at, premeditate, project, intent, design, designer, intentioned Goal, aim, final cause So that, in order that
To thin, diminish, thinning, thin, slender
Destine, destination, destinator
MI-RE-LA Be wrong, wrong Reproach, blame, find fault Scold, reprimand, admonish, admonition, scolding Quarrel, fight, dispute, quibble, altercation Insult, dishonor, revile, affront, snub, insolence, insulting, impertinent Perhaps, possibly, maybe Incident, occurance, event, incidentally
MI-RE-TI Provoke, defy, provocation, defiance, provoker Threaten, threat, menace, threatening, formidable Slap, kick, punch Hurt, wound, bruise To get angry, angry, upset Sulk, hold a grudge, resentment, sulky, spiteful Moreover, besides
MI-MI-DO mi-mi-do-do ??? But (conjunction), although, only However, yet, nevertheless Given that, considering that, whereas If, on the condition that, provided that, provided While, whilst, when, as, at the same time, during the time that Up till, until, till, up to, down to, to the point of, even
MI-MI-RE Under, beneath, below, underneath mi-mi-re-re ???
As, like, alike, such as
Join, junction, adherence, adhesion, joint, adherent, contiguous, joining, connecting, adjoining, close to, beside, near, against
Between, among, amid, amongst, amidst, in the middle of Through On, upon, over, on top of, above
The front, front, in front of, before, in the front, at the front
Face to face, vis-a-vis, facing, opposite, across, in the presence of Frontal, front of, in line, abreast mi-mi-fa-fa ???
Everywhere, throughout, anywhere, all over, in any place whatsoever, wherever
Beyond, further, farther Elsewhere, on the other hand, moreover, on the other side, in another place
MI-MI-SO Where, in what place In, among, amongst Here, hence, from here, from this place, of this place There, thence, from that place, from there mi-mi-so-so ??? On the other side, on the opposite side End, extremity, the tip of, at the end of
MI-MI-LA Frequency, frequent, frequently, often, most of the time, almost always For a long time, in the long run, lengthily Some time before Some time after Occasionally, from time to time, sometimes, every now and then, once in a while, at times mi-mi-la-la ??? At each moment, from one moment to another
Early, earlier
Very soon, in an instant (translation guess) Now Soon, in a little, shortly, in the near future Immediately, as soon as Sooner or later mi-mi-ti-ti ???
MI-FA-DO One before the other Character (trait), nature, characteristic, characterized Require, requirement Envy, envious Aspire, ambition, ambitious, ambitiously Solicit, solicitation, solicitor, insistant Intrigue (to plan illicit or detrimental things), cunning, stratagems, crafty
MI-FA-RE Personality, personal Alternate, alternative, alternatviely, one after the other (?)
Incidental, incidentally
Self-esteem, pride Vanity, ostentation, vainglory, conceited, vain Become arrogant, arrogance, pride, haughtiness, arrogant, proud, imperious, haughty
Pride oneself, boast, presumption, pride, proud, presumptuous
MI-FA-MI Susceptibility, susceptible Mediocrity, mediocre, poor, common, regular Neither one nor the other
Laze, loiter, idle, laziness, dawdling, indolence, idleness, inactivity, lazy, loafer, nonchalant, inactive
Neglect, omit, negligence, omission, negligent, negligently Sensuality, intemperance, sensual, voluptuous, carnal
Gluttony, greedy, glutton, `pig`, greedily
MI-FA-FA About, apropos So that, to ensure that, such that, with the result that, ensuring that Instead of, in place of, rather than, in lieu of In short, in summary, in brief So to speak, as it were, so to say, in a manner of speaking Finally, at last
MI-FA-SO Libertine, prostitute, wantonness, prostitution, vagrant, debauchery
Effrontery, impudence, insolence, cheeky, impudent
Corrupt, pervert, debauch, corruption, perversity, depravity, warped, perverted, perverse
Be disarmed, succumb, disarmed, defeated
In no respect, no way To make blunt, blunt, blasé Awful, horrible, odious, hateable, detestable, execrable, abominable, horribly, dreadfully, badly
MI-FA-LA Debase, degradation, abjection, ignominy, low, abject Betray, treason, traitor, treacherous, traitorously Steal, rob, swindle, theft, spoils, thief
Deceive, fool, cheat, guile, deceitful, deception, cheating, imposter, duplicity, misleading
Falsify, forgery, forged Anyone, anybody, everyone, whoever Violate, transgress, infringe, offense, contravention, offense, offender, transgressor, violator
MI-FA-TI Adultery, adulterer To be jealous, jealous, jealousy To irritate, anger, exasperate, indignate, irritation, exasperation, irritated, outraged, exasperated
To get angry, to lose one`s temper, fulminate, enraged, fit of anger, ardor, anger, frenzy, fury, rage, furious
Fickleness, lightness, frovolity, inconstant, volatile
Revenge, avenge, avenger, vindictive Not related (?)
MI-SO-DO That is to say, for example, in other words, for instance Tease, harass, teasing
Reassure, calm, appease, calming, tranquility, serenity, serene, quiet, reassuring
Annoy, tease, teasing, playfulness, harassing Thoughtlessness, ill-conceived, poorly considered, thoughtlessly Change, vary, variation, mutation, variability, instability, variable
Diversify, diversity, variant, variety, variations
MI-SO-RE Person, a being, individual, human creature, people, personal, individually, personally Early, ahead of time, early hour Recommend, recommendation To present, presentation Accept, receive, admit, admission, reception, admissible, receivable Meet, get together, meeting, group, assemble, assembled, grouped Society, corporation, company, member of a society
Smallness, pettiness, petty
Attend, to frequent, attendance In all respects, in every respect, by every measure To note, to observe, point out, remark, observation Watch, look, glance Converse, gossip, chat, conversation, dialogue, conversationalist Answer, reply, respond, refute, response, refutation
To become ugly, ugliness, hideous, unattractive
Attitude, poise, posture Turn (v.), pace (v.) On the occasion of, about, concerning Propriety, appropriateness, decency, proper, seemly, presentable
In good taste, good manners, distinction, distinguished
Politeness, courtesy, civility, good manners, polite
MI-SO-SO Therefore, thus, consequently, so, and so, hence
Asperity, harshness, roughness, rough, gnarled, rugged
So, like this, thus In contrast to, by contrast, however, on the other hand Mainly, mostly, especially, above all, particularly, most of all Then
MI-SO-LA To become singular, unique, eccentric, quirky, original, bizarre, strange Capricious, whimsical, moody Mania, maniac Simper, pedantry, prudery, affected, prudish, pretentious Coquet, dainty, pretty, to pose oneself, coquettishly In consideration of, in comparison, given that, considering that To woo, to court, courtship
MI-SO-TI Inaugurate, inaguration, inaugural Celebrate, celebration, ceremony, ceremonial Holiday, anniversary
Indirect, indirectly
Ball (dance), ballet Dance, dancer, dancing In the meantime
MI-LA-DO To what extent? To what degree? Waltz, waltzer Simultaneity, simultaneous, collective, all, with each other, all together, simultaneously, collectively Times (n.), sometimes, several times Entertainment, recreation, relaxation, hobby, time-passer Joke, banter, farce, comic, bantering, facetious, funny Parody, mimic, ape, caricature
MI-LA-RE Mock, laugh at, ridicule, jeer, sneer, satirize, mockery, satire, scoffer, mocker Well? Ridiculous, ludicrous, preposterous Criticize, find fault with, criticism To speak ill of, decry, depreciate, disparage, slander, detraction, disparagement, slanderous Slander, slanderer, slanderously Compromise, compromising
Talk nonsense, ramble, rave, unreason, rambling, extravagance, illogical, unreasonable
Secret, mystery, mysterious, secretly, in secret, mysteriously When to take place? When was (with a sign of the past)? Confidential, confidence, confidant, confidentially Snoop around, curiosity, curious, curiously Guess, to divine, diviner, guessable Disclose, divulge, reveal, disclosure, unveiling, revelation, discloser, revealer
Insensitivity, apathy, insensitive, apathetic
Indifference, indifferent, carefree, unconcerned, indifferently Coldness, impassivity, cold, impassive When did this happen? Composure, presence of mind, self-control Prejudge, bias, prejudice, partiality, prejudiced, biased Coterie, clique, `esprit de corps` (a feeling of pride, fellowship, and common loyalty shared by the members of a particular group)
Blame, disapprove, reproach, disapproval, reproachful, disapprobation
Disdain, disrespect, think nothing of, lack of respect, irreverence Defame, lampoon, libel, diatribe, slanderer Challenge, discuss, debate, object, controvert, obejection, controversy, conflict, questionable What do you say?
Insolvency (unable to pay debts owed), insolvent
Oppose, contradict, contrast, opposition, contradiciton, unlike, opposite
MI-LA-LA Since, because Regarding, as to, with regard to, with respect to When, what time A few, some, many, several, plurality, plural Despite, in spite of Although, albeit, while, even though
MI-LA-TI Congress Note, annotate, annotation, remark Review, report, extract, essence of Deliberate, deliberation, deliberative Report, relate, reporter, minutes (of a meeting), reporter Conclude, infer, conclusion, solution, conclusive, final, definitely What has happened? What happened? What`s new?
MI-TI-DO First, firstly, primarily, first of all
Appearance, aspect, visibility, apparent, ostensible, visible, apparently
Likelihood, probability, likely, probable, presumable, believable
Seem, seeming, semblance, `to have an air of` Pretext, excuse, allege, allegation, answer evasively, subterfuge Dare, aplomb, boldness, audacity, dared, bold, boldly Imbibe (absorb or assimilate ideas or knowledge), identify (with?) (relate)
MI-TI-RE Remain, stay, hold oneself in Who is it? Who goes there? Anxious to have, look forward to, can`t wait for Anticipate, anticipation, (forestall, premature, in advance) Assume, suppose, presume, surmise, supposition, conjecture, hypothesis, supposed Sense, augur, foresee, omen, prescience, inner vision, second sight, ominous Predict, prophesy, tell fortunes, prediction, prognosis, prophet, divination, oracle, soothsayer, prophetic, divinatory
Slavery, yoke, subjugation, servility, servitude, slave, serf, servile, at the mercy of
Depend, dependence, dependent More (such as cessation of action) (?) Responsibility, responsible Submit, submit to
Obey, submit oneself, resign oneself, obedience, submission, resignation, obedient
Circumstance, case, circumstantial
Indiscretion, indiscreet, obtrusive, indiscretely
Sleepwalking, somnambulism, sleepwalker Magnetize, magnetism, magnet, magnetic Alas! Fluid, fluidity
Light (weight), aerial, vaporous
Spiritism, spiritist
MI-TI-SO Experiment, test, experimenter, experimental Prove, demonstrate, evidence, demonstration, proven, obvious, demonstrated Observe, note, finding, observation, found, observed Persuade, convince, persuation, persuasive, persuaded, convinced Extreme, the last point, the final point
Believe, imagine, credulity, credulous
Certainty, surety, infallibility, authenticity, sure, infallible, indubitable, irrifutable, positive, certain, undoubtedly, surely, positively
MI-TI-LA Sleight of hand, prestidigitation, conjure, conjuror, magician Phantasmagoria, ghost, spectrum, specter, phantom, Transform, transmute, transformation, transfigure, transmutation, transmutable Bewitch, cast a spell on someone, sorcery, witchcraft, sorcerer, magician, enchanting, magic Partner, accomplice Last, finally Colusion, accomplice (in crime?), (accessory)
MI-TI-TI Already Without In According to, in accordance with, following, next Toward, towards Since, since then (since a time)

FA-DO-DO Retain, to keep, to maintain, to continue Divert, deter, dissuade Prevent, stop, impediment, interference, hindering, obstacle, barrier, obstruction Look after, care for, maintain, keep in a good condition, care, maintenance, careful, carefully Repair, restore, repair, reparation, rapairer, reparable Take precautions, protect oneself, caution, delicately
FA-DO-RE Nature, naturalist, natural, naturally Infuse, macerate, infusion, maceration Countryside, country, countryman, villager, peasant, shepherd Landscape, scenery, site, landscape Picturesque, rugged Surround, gird, area, vicinity, surrounded, around, girded Farm, farmer
FA-DO-MI Mountain, mount, hill, mountainous, hilly Volcano, volcanic Gargle To be engulfed, pit, chasm, abyss, precipice Rock, rocky
Dry, arid, drought, sterile, infertile, unsuccessful
Desert, deserted, uninhabited
FA-DO-FA Isolate, put away, seclude, isolation, loneliness, isolated, lonely, solitary, alone Take refuge, withdraw, retire, refuge, asylum, reclusion, recluse Park, grove, the woods, forest, forestry Swallow, gulp Tree, shrub, bush Foliage, leaves Shade, shadowing, shadowy, shady
Close (v.), closing, closed
Clear (cultivate, clear the land, prepare the ground) Mow, reap, trim Rake, harrow A drop, drip, drop by drop Dig, spade, pickaxe Graft, grafter
Take off, delete, remove, subtract, prune, extract, deletion, removal
Plant, planting, planter, plant To (take) root, root Stem, stalk, trunk, stump Branch, limb, bough Syrup, syrupy Hedge, bush, undergrowth
FA-DO-TI Garden (v.), gardening, horticulture, gardener, horticulturist Garden (n.), grove Bloom, flower (v.), blossom, florist, floral Bouquet, flower-seller Classic, classical, (standard, traditional) Perfume, embalm, balm, smell, scent, aroma, perfumer, fragrant, odorous, embalmed Soften, softening, alleviation, mitigation, softener
FA-RE-DO Gum, gummy Cultivate, culture, agriculture, cultivator, (farmer), agricultural
Succeed, come after, successor, after
Plow, furrow, till, tillage, husbandman, ploughable Sow, sowing, seed Grain, oats, millet, corn Wheat, rye
FA-RE-RE Preserve, safeguard, preservative Vaccinate, vaccine Breastfeed, lactate, breastfeeding, lactation Regime, diet, plan, scheme, treatment, therapy, treating
Heal, cure, healing, curable, remedial
be reborn, rebirth, renewal, renaissance, revival
FA-RE-MI Ripen, mature, maturity, ripe, maturely Pick, pluck, collect, picking
Disjoin, separate, disjunction
Harvest, reap, collect, reaper, harvester Glean, gleaner Ear (of wheat/corn) Field, meadow, prairie, plain, pastoral
FA-RE-FA Vegetate, grow, vegetation, growth, plant Greening, greenery, herbage, turf, grass Valley, dale To make dull (tasteless), insipid, fading, blandness, insignificance, insipidity, bland, tasteless, insignificant, vapid Hunt, hunting, hunter Pursue, pursuit, pursuer
Savagery, savage, wild
FA-RE-SO Horse, steed Bridle, reins, bit Saddle, saddler Stirrup Pungency, acrid, corrosive Whip, crop Harness
FA-RE-LA Animal, quadroped Sheep, lamb Cattle, cow, bull, beef Pig, pork, sow, boar Goat, kid Harshness, bitterness, harsh, bitter, harshly, bitterly Donkey, ass
FA-RE-TI Camel Dog, bitch Cat Bird Wings, plumage, feathers Fly, flit, fly away, take flight, flight Acidify, acidity, acid
FA-MI-DO Embitter, sourness, acrimony, tart, sour Conscription, recruitment, (drafting), (`compulsory enlistment for state service`) Soldier, corporal, brigadier, sergeant, sergeant major, warrant officer, noncommissioned officer Uniform Equipment, pouch, belt, shoulder strap, harness, knapsack (backpack) To arm, arms, weapons, weapon maker, armor To increase gradually (graduate), grade, degree, rank, gradual, gradually
FA-MI-RE Staff (as in employees) Camphor (verb, noun, adj.) Officer, lieutenant, captain, major, battalion chief Colonel Aide-de-camp`, Camp assistant, `A military officer acting as a confidential assistant to a senior officer` General, generalship, brigadier general, division general, generalissimo Marshal
FA-MI-MI Convalescence, convalescent Temperament, complexion Body, organism, physical structure, organs, organic Health, healthy, healthily Clean, make clean, sanitize, sanitation, hygiene, sanitary, safe, hygenic Effectiveness, effective, wholesome, effectively
Vice, vicious, viciously
Army, troops
Activity, vigilance, active, vigilant, alert, actively
Narcotic, drug, soporific, opium, henbane, belladonna Brigade, division Regiment, legion, battalion, squadron, company Zouaves, Spahis (both are members of infantry/cavalry in France)
To kill, to `off`, killed
Infantry, rifleman, infantryman, grenadier, `outfielder` Cavalry, cavalryman Artillery, gunner Chloroform (v. and n.)
Reverse, inverse, in reverse, in the opposite way
Engineer, engineering
FA-MI-LA Camp, encampment Tent Bivouac Itinerant, travelling Material (n.), equipment Etherize, etherisation, ether, sulferic ether, nitric or phosphoric ether, mineral or fossil ether, ethereal Flag, banner
FA-MI-TI Firearms, musketry (musketeer) Bomb, cannon, mortar Percussion, drums Shoot, rifle, shooting, discharge Translation issues, but I`m guessing: a synchronized firing of guns Pistol, handgun
Deny, negate, negation, denial
FA-FA-DO fa-fa-do-do ???
To have pain, hurt, ache, indisposition, illness, malady, ill, indisposed, unwell, sick, in bad health, sickly
Consult (a professional), consultation, consultant, consultative, advisory Medicine (the art of), doctor, medic, medical Surgery, sergeon, sergical, for surgery Dentistry, dentist Oculist, eye doctor
FA-FA-RE Prescribe, prescription fa-fa-re-re ??? Measure out, dose, portion of, part of, lot Pill Pharmacie, drugstore, pharmacist, apothecary, druggist, pharmaceutical Allopathy (treatment of disease by conventional means, i.e. w/ drugs having opposite effects of symptoms), allopathic Homeopathy, homeopath, homeopathic
FA-FA-MI [verb form (botanise?)], Herbalism, herbalist, herbs Medicate, drug (v.), medicine, drug (n.), medicinal fa-fa-mi-mi ??? Remedy (v.), correct, obviate, remedy (n.), remediable React, reaction, reactionary, reactive Plaster, cauterize, blister Ointment
FA-FA-SO Pomade Lard To grease, to oil, grease, oil, oiliness, greasy, oily, unctuous Poultice, cataplasm, compress (noun; a cloth pad) fa-fa-so-so ??? Flaxseed, linseed Thicken (of a liquid), clot, coagulate, congeal, curdle, thickening, coagulation, congealing, curdled, thick, coagulated, congealed
FA-FA-LA Water down, add water to, dilute, diluting
Left, to the left
Cook, bake, cooking, cooked Boil, bubble, ferment, boiling, fermentation, effervescence, bubbling, effervescent Melt, dissolve, liquefy, melting of, melting, dissolvent, melted, molten, dissolved, liquefied, dissolvable, soluble fa-fa-la-la ??? Aromatize, aromatization, aromatic
FA-FA-TI Evaporate, exhale, vaporize, evaporation, exhalation, volatility, vaporisation, volatilisation, vapor, evaporation, volatile, vaporous Distill, distillation, distiller, distillery Refine, quintessence, quintessential Oil (of something), aromatic oil Lemonade Fizz, froth, effervescence, foam, bubbly, fizzy, foamy, frothy fa-fa-ti-ti ???
FA-SO-DO Slide, slider, sliding Gunpowder Cartrige, (capsule) Bullet, bullet shells To begin, initiate, prime, boot up, wick, fuse, (also to light a wick?) Sword, saber Dagger, poniard, stilleto
FA-SO-RE Covet, lust, greed, insatiability, rapacious, greedy, insatiable Sprain Besiege, take over, siege, besieging Attack, assail, offensive, assault, aggression, attacker, assailant, aggressor, aggressive Fight, combat, battle, melee, battlefield Fire, unload, release, shooting, rifleman Grapeshot`, hail of bullets, machine gun (v.)
Stupidity, inability, unable, limited, unintelligent, unintelligently
Strategy, tactic, tactical, strategic Twist, strain, contusion, lesion, bruise Serve, service, servant Resist, defend, hold out, resistance, resistant, unbeaten Inflexibility, invulnerability, invinciblility, indomitable, unshakable, irresistibly, unswervingly Stubborn, obstinate, stubbornness, obstinately
Unsightly, awkward, ugly, ungraceful, unpleasing, clumsy
Warring, war, `military art`, warrior, military, martial, warlike
Conquer, overcome, disarm, tame, surmount, victory, winner
Injury, wound, wounded Conquer, conquest, feat, conqueror Heroism, heroes, hero, heroin, heroic Triumph, victory, victor, triumphant, triumphal
FA-SO-SO Fatten, become fat, overweight, fat, chubby, plump, pudgy, rotund Freshness, fresh, new, freshly, newly Digest, digestion, digestive Sneeze, sneezing, sternutatory (causing sneezing) Blow one`s nose, handkerchief Yawn, yawning
FA-SO-LA Sea, ocean, gulf, bay Drift, fluctuate, undulate, flow, wave, vague, ripple, floating, rolling, undulating Marine, maritime Fleet, squadron Ship, brig Dress, bandage, dressing (of a wound), plaster Boat, skiff
FA-SO-TI Mast, foremast Sail (n.) Rudder To pilot (presumably a ship), mariner, pilot, boatman Marine crew, sailor Admirality, admiral, vice-admiral, contre-admiral
Minority, the few, minor, minimum
FA-LA-DO Operate, operation, operator To navigate, navigation, navigator, navigable Space, expanse, area, spacious, expansive Kilometer Row (v), oar, rowing, rower, oarsman To sail (v.) Maneuver, one who maneuvers
To board, access, dock, boardable, accessible
Scar, cicatrize, scar, cicatrix, cicatrizing To anchor, to moor, anchor, mooring Seaport, harbor Beach, shore, bank Coast, seashore, sea-cliff Strait, peninsula, isthmus
Madness, insanity, dementia, crazy, insane
Lake, lagoon, pond Bandage, ligature (?), headband Depth, deep, deeply To fish, fishing, fisherman Fishing line Bait, lure, fishhook
FA-LA-FA Swim, swimmer, by swimming To flood, inundate, swamp (v.), submerge, overwhelm
To fool, dupe, fooled, duped
Strap, sling, garter To shipwreck, shipwreck, shipwrecked, castaway To drown, drowned, a drowned person Torrent, surge, torrentuous, billowing
FA-LA-SO Creek, stream, brook Channel, canal, conduit Well (n.), sump, water well Pump (v.), draw (liquid), pump (n.), pumper Cripple, maim, disable, handicap, disability, invalid, disabled, crippled To flow, gush, gushing, cascade, waterfall
Unite, rally, band together, gang up, union, rally, federalism, confederation, coalition, league, federal, united, rallied, ligated
FA-LA-LA Make hoarse, hoarseness, loss of voice, aphonia, hoarse Catch a cold, cold, flu, whooping cough To cough, cough, coughing Salivate, drool, spit, expectorate, saliva, sputum, expectoration, expectorant Asthma, asthmatic Phthisis, tuberculosis, consumption, hectic, consumptive, tubercular, pulmonary
FA-LA-TI Continent, mainland, continental Europe, European, a European person Asia, Asian, an Asian person Africa, African, an African person America, the New World, American, an American person Oceania, Australia, Oceanian, an Oceanian person, (Australian, an Australian person) Deformity, deformed
FA-TI-DO Limp, lameness, wobbly, limping Travel, tour, peregrination, pilgrimage, traveler, tourist, pilgrim
Leave, go from, depart
Route, road map To separate oneself, to part, separation, separable
To go away, to retire, remoteness, distance, distant, remote, far away
To absent oneself, absence, absent
FA-TI-RE Railway, railroad A person who has had both legs amputated Locomotive Transport, transfer, transportation, transferable, transportable Baggage, luggage, case, trunk, suitcase
Duty, debt, debtor, indebted
Roll, wheel, bearing, cog
FA-TI-MI To dash/rush, élan, spontaneity, suddenness, spontaneous, suddenly, all at once, immediately, instantly, spontaneously
Speed, haste, velocity, promptness, quickly, fast
Hunchback, humpback Vivacity, exuberance, impetuosity, dashing, lively, expeditious, strongly, impetuously
Move, movement, oscillation, locomotion, fluctuation, engine, moving
To hurry, hasten, accelerate, acceleration, accelerator
Advance, move, thrust, forward (motion)
FA-TI-FA To catch sight of, to glimpse, to see, view, point of view Perspective, in perspective
Moderate, to temper, repress, moderation, restraint, moderate, withheld, reserve, tempered, temperate, moderator, moderately
Rickets, rachitis, rickety, rachitic Accident, incident, event Scare, frighten, terrify, scary, frightening, frightful, terrible, dreadful To be scared, shudder, terror, fright, fear, dread, trembling, terrified, scared
FA-TI-SO Train, `following cars`, wagon To run through, route
Direct, express, directly, in a straight line
Road, trail, way Orthopedics, orthopedist, orthopedic Stop, to park, station, respite, truce, stationary Bifurcate (divide into two branches/forks), branch, bifurcation
South, southern, meridian
East, eastern, Orient, the East, Oriental
The four cardinal points, points of the compass To join together, to meet, to rejoin, to get together Arrive, reach, achieve, arrival, finish Anatomize, anatomy, anatomist, anatomical, anatomically Station (railway/bus), landing dock, wharf, pier, unloading dock
FA-TI-TI Become lukewarm, lukewarm, cool down, tepidity, cooling Pleurisy, inflammation of the lungs, pleuritic Laryngitis, bronchitis, larynx, bronchi Tonsilitis, tonsils, angina, membranous angina Gland, glandular Goiter, goitrous (a swelling in the back of the neck from enlargement of the thyroid gland)

SO-DO-DO Whitlow (An abscess in the soft tissue near a fingernail or toenail)
Lesser, lower, minor, less, least, less than that
Chilblain, frostbite Chapping, chap, crack Prick, sting, pierce, injection, shot, jab, piquant, biting, stinging Scratch, grate on, a scratch, abrasion, rawness
SO-DO-RE Art, artist, artistic, artistically Fluxion, defluxion, inflammation, ophthalmia Theater, theatre, theatrical, theatrically Represent, representation Work of theater, a theatrical piece
Negro, a black person
Décor, decorator
SO-DO-MI Opera, musical Comedy, comedian Erysipelas Tragedy, tragedian, tragic Drama, dramatist, dramatic, dramatically Author, writer Actor, actress
SO-DO-FA Recite, recitation, reciter, reciting Declaim, recite, declamation, recitative, declamatory Gesticulate, mime, mimic, gesture, gesticulation, pantomime, language of action, mimicry Measles Tell, recount, describe, narrate, narration, description, raconteur, descriptive Accent, inflection, tone of voice, accentuated
Express, to mean, enunciate, emit, expression, significant, expressive, expressible
Exit, come out, exit (n.)
Repertoire, list of pieces Role, character, person whom one represents Masterpiece, master stroke Scarlet fever Effect, sensation
Succeed, success, good luck, successful
SO-DO-LA Dilettantism, dilettante (a person with an amateur interest in the arts), amateur Place (v.), situate, place, spot, position Audience of theater Theater box Theater gallery Typhoid Amphitheater
SO-DO-TI Orchestrate, instrumentation, orchestra Instrument, instrumentalist, instrumental Violin, viola, violinist Cello, bass, cellist, contra-bass Bow (n.) (of a violin etc.) Strings Virus, pox
SO-RE-DO Contagion, contagious Harp, harpist Flute, flutist High woodwinds, clarinet, bassoon Saxophone, trombone Trumpet, bugle, horn Fanfare, sounding (of trumpets &c.)
SO-RE-RE Buttons Inoculate, vaccinate, inoculation, vaccination, inoculator Irreparable, irreparably Smallpox Scabies, mange, ringworm, mangy Leprosy, leprous
SO-RE-MI Perform, performance, performer, performing Accompany, accompaniment, accompanist Epidemic Sing, song, singer, singing Voice, tone of voice, vocal Tenor, counter-tenor, baritone Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, mezzo-contralto, contralto
SO-RE-FA Vocalize, vocalization, vocalized Agility, quickness, dexterity, nimbleness, agile, nimble, quickly, nimbly, swiftly, lightly To make flexible, flexible, flexibility, versatility, maneuverability, supple Plague, cholera, plague victim, choleraic To get to know (as in refinement?), taste (aesthetic et. al.), sense of beauty, refinement, aesthetics, connoisseur, refined, tasteful, tastefully Talent Perfect (v.), improve, develop, enhance, improvement, development, improved, perfected, perfectible, perfectibility
Idleness, leisure, unoccupied, idle, aimless, at leisure
Sentimentality, feeling (of), sentimental, romantic To interest, interest, concern To move (emotionally), to touch, to shake up, touching, moving, pathetic (pathos) Colic, tenesmus, pangs
Delude, illusion, delusion, chimera (metaphorical), utopia, illusory, chimerical, imaginary, fantastic, misleading, captious
Symbolize, figure, symbol, allegory, symbolism, emblem, figurative, symbolic, allegorical, figuratively, symbolically
SO-RE-LA Surprise, amaze, astonish, astound, marvel, amazing, surprising, unimaginable, striking, stunning, extraordinary, exceptional, surprisingly, extraordinarily, exceptionally Wonder, marvel, be struck by, stupefaction, surprised, amazed, stunned, struck, shocked Fascinate, mesmerize, enchant, delight, excite, inspire, fascination, prestige, fascinating Feel, experience, to start (with surprise etc.), impression, feeling, emotion, stir, thrill, impressed, moved, affected, shuddering, trembling To get excited, get enthusiastic, enthusiasm, excitement, enthusiastic, excited Spasm, convulsion, spastic, convulsive, cramp Irresistible, irresistibly
SO-RE-TI Captivate, enthrall, fascinate, subjugate, submit Attend, be present, audience, listener, spectator, the public Applaud, cheer, applause, cheers, clapping, bravos, cheering, applauders Interrupt, suspend, pause, interruption, suspension, interrupter, suspended, stopped, discontinued, pending Approve, endorse, sanction, ratify, approval, endorsement, vote, sanction, ratification, approving, approvingly Unanimous, by all, universal, unianimously Poison, poisoning, poisoner, poison, venom, poisonous, venomous
Hell, eternal fire, infernal
Compete, Rivalry, competition, rival, competitor Emulate, try to outdo (through imitation), emulator Become animated, come to life, get worked up be filled with enthusiasm, animation, verve, spirit, nerve, animated, inflamed, excited Excel, excellence, excellent, most excellent, for excellence, excellently
Shine, dazzle, sparkle, burst, flash, glitter, brilliant, bright, dazzling, blinding, stunning, brilliantly, stunningly, brightly, superbly
Surpass, eclipse, overshadow, outweigh, prevail, take precedence over, dominate, exceed
SO-MI-RE Acoustic Pale, fade, discolor, pallor, discoloration, pale, faded, wasted, pallid Tuning fork Tone, tonality, tonic Sharp (as in music, `C Sharp`) Flat (as in music, `B Flat`) Natural (as in music), diatonic (using only the notes proper to the key without alteration)
SO-MI-MI Scab, scabby Itch (v.), itch (n.), pruritus, itching, prurigo Scrape, scraper Inflame, inflammation, inflammable Gangrene, become corrupt, gangrene, gangrenous Decompose, decomposition
Misconduct, immorality
Half step (Leading tone?) Interval, gap Faint, stagger, fainting, staggering, unconscious, unaware Interval of a tone, semitone, half step
Major key, major mode
Dominant, sub-dominant (?)
SO-MI-SO To compose, composition, composer, maestro Music, musician, musical, musically Note, whole note, half note, quarter note Sound, intonation Weaken, languish, wither, wilt, overexertion, worn out, weakening, languor, etiolation, depletion, languishing, perishing, etiolated, withered, exhausted, used up Melody, melodist, melodious, melodiously Harmony, harmonist, harmonious, harmoniously, in harmony
SO-MI-LA Organize, organization, organizer Concert (of music) Program, brochure, flyer, bulletin Piano, pianist Organ (musical instrument), harmonium, harmonicorde, organist Become thin, slim, thinning, weight loss, emaciation, thinness, consumption, lean, emaciated, gaunt, bony, scrawny Keyboard (on a piano), key, pedal
SO-MI-TI Lecture, course Teach, instruct, educate, profess, professorship, teaching, didactic, teacher, tutor, professor, didactics Method, system, methodist, methodical, systematic, methodically, systematically
Immobility, immobile
Theory, theorist, theoretician theoretical Problem, issue, challenge, touble, problematic Drag one`s feet, loiter, mope, drag (n), dragging, loitering
SO-FA-DO Asphyxiate, asphyxia Philotechnic? Philharmonic, philharmonic society (Devoted to music) Choirmaster Choir, singer, choir member, chorus, in chorus Choral society, a member of a choral society Cantata (`A medium-length narrative or descriptive piece of music with vocal solos and usually a chorus and orchestra`)
SO-FA-RE Concerto Weigh down, burden, benumb, heaviness, numbness, weighed down, heavy, burdened Cavatina (`A short operatic aria in simple style without repeated sections`) Solo, duo, trio, quartet, quintet Portamento (`A slide from one note to another, esp. in singing or playing a stringed instrument` `this as a technique or style`) Trill, cadence Fermata, pause
To grow old, decline, be on the decline, old age, decay, decrepitude, old man, old person, old age, decrepit
Scale, musical scale
Nowhere, at no place
To sing using the `sol-fa` system, solfège, vocal music Quaver, eighth note, sixteenth note, thirty-second note, sixty-fourth note Syncopate, syncopation Rhythm, measure, rhythmic, rhythmical
SO-FA-FA Tumor, abscess, filling of the humours Scrofula, scrofulous Scurvy, scorbutic Cancer, cancerous Ulcer, fistula, canker, chancroid Become ingrained, inveterate, chronic, rooted
Disappear, vanish, disappearance, gone, missing, vanished
Musical part/score, sheet of music Prelude Modulate, modulation Lethargy, lethargic Transpose, transposition, transposer Fugue
SO-FA-LA Arpeggiate, arpeggio Chord Base, foundation, basis, fundamental, fundamentally Concern, pertain to, related Symphony, symphonist, symphonic composer
Danger, peril, pitfall, stumbling block, dangerous, perilous
SO-FA-TI Rests (in music notation), Whole rest, half rest, quarter rest, eighth rest, sixteenth rest Drum, drumming, bass drum Resonate, resound, vibrate, sound, resonance, echo, resounding Whistle Castanets, tambourine, cymbal Barrel organ (`A mechanical musical instrument from which predetermined music is produced by turning a handle, played, esp. in former times, by street musicians`) Victim
SO-SO-DO so-so-do-do ??? Joints, articulations, articular Nerves, nervous Muscle, fiber, filament, ligament, muscular, brawny, fibrous, filamentous, ligamentous Bile, humor, bilious Mucus, of mucus Lymph, phlegm, lymphatic, phlegmatic
SO-SO-RE Migraine, headache, neuralgia, neuralgic so-so-re-re ??? Vomit, vomiting, vomitive, emetic Sweat, transpire, transpiration Dropsy, edema, hydrops, dropsical, edematous, hydropic Swell, swell up, inflate, swelling, inflation, swollen Tighten, distend, tension, distension
SO-SO-MI Fever, feverish Tremble, shiver, shaking, chills, shivering, trembling so-so-mi-mi ??? Pulse, pulsation, beat, beating, throbbing Aneurysm, aneurism Palpitate, palpitation, palpitating The heart
SO-SO-FA Gout, sciatica, amaurosis Pain, ache, throbbing, twinges Rheumatism, rheumatic so-so-fa-fa ??? Paralysis, paralytic Catalepsy, cataleptic Epilepsy, lockjaw (tetanus) (?), epileptic
SO-SO-LA Stone Bladder Genitals, urethra Probe, sensor, prober Matrix so-so-la-la ??? Menses, menstrual flow, period, menstrual
SO-SO-TI Periodicity, period, periodical, periodically Bleed, bleeding, hemorrhage Apoplexy, stroke, apoplectic Hemorrhoids, hemorrhoidal Flow, `run`, creep, stream, flowed, discharge, loss, flowing, streaming, liquid, liquidity Leucorrhoea, leukorrhea so-so-ti-ti ???
SO-LA-DO Choke, strangle, strangulation, strangler, choker Museum, gallery Picture, painting, print, engraving, frame Sketch, outline, draft Draw, drawing, line (of a pen/pencil), drawer, cartoonist Paint, painting, painter, color, shade Miniature
SO-LA-RE Watercolor Oppress, stifle, oppression, suffocation, choking, stifling Pastel Gouache, guache (A type of paint; heavy and opaque) Fresco (Watercolor done on wet plaster on a wall or ceiling, so the colors penetrate the plaster and become fixed) Palette Brush, paintbrush
SO-LA-MI To create a model, to shape, modelling, model (preliminary sculpture) To mold, to cast in a mold, moulder, molder Crisis Sculpt, carve, sculpture, carving, sculptor, carver Statue, bust, torso, statuary Pedestal, base Relief (A type of sculpture that is partially three-dimensional, carved in a two-dimensional surface and partially extending out or sinking in)
SO-LA-FA Daguerreotype, Daguerre (An old photographic process using iodine sensitivised silvered plates and mercury vapor) Photograph, photograph, photographic Reproduce, reflect, reproduction, reflection, reflectivity, reflexivity, reflector Death throes, dying Portrait, image, picture, likeness, portrait painter Resemble, like, similarity, resemblance, likeness, analogy, relation, homogeneity, similar, homogeneous
Conformity, identity (?), conforms, similar, same, identical, in accordance, the same as, such as, similarly, likewise
SO-LA-SO (to write in) Stenography, shorthand, stenographer, stenographic Lithography, lithographer, lithographical (a method of printing) Engrave, engraving, engraver To chisel, engrave, chisel Bury, entombment, buryer Compass
Adjust, specify, to tune (an instrument), accuracy, precision, consonance, agreement, tuner, precise, accurate, consonant, exactly, precisely, accurately
SO-LA-LA Inject, syringe, injection, enema, syringe Purge, purify, purgation, purgative, cathartic, depurative Castor oil, Seidlitz water, senna Evacuate, expel, push out/off, evacuation, expulsion Excrement, poop, poo, diarrhea, diarrheic, excremental Urinate, pee, piss, urine, piss, pee
SO-LA-TI Academy, academician, academic
To know, knowledge, science, education, instruction, scholarship, savant, educated, enlightened, erudite, scholar, literate, learned, wisely, knowingly, learnedly, eruditely
Institute, institution, school Baccalaureat - A French examination taken at 17 or 18; a person who has passed this exam Encyclopedia, encyclopedist, encyclopedic Mathematics, mathematician, mathematical, mathematically Shroud (burial garment)
SO-TI-DO Coffin, bier Literature, belles lettres, writer, literary person, literary Prose writer, prose (language in ordinary from, without metrical structure; plain or dull language), prosaic Novel, story, tale, fiction, novelist, romantic, fictitious, fictitiously Fable, parable, writer of fables, fabulous (mythical) To write verse, rhyme, versification, rhymer, versifier
Poeticize, idealize, poetry, ideality, poet, bard, poetic, perfect, ideal, poetically
SO-TI-RE Speaker, orator, oratory Funeral, obsequies, funerary To be inspired, to draw inspiration from, inspiration, inspiring Discourse, harangue, speech, address, speaker, talker, orator Eloquence, eloquent, eloquently Remarkable, notable, outstanding, remarkably, notably The peak, pinnacle, zenith, climax, culmination, perfect beauty, virtuoso, phoenix (?), eminent, transcendent, sublime, eminently, the highest degree, superlative, the ultimate
To soften, to become effeminate, softening, softeness, weakness, enervation, soft, weakens, effeminate
Idea, notion, concept Bury, burial Metaphysics, ideology, metaphysician, ideologist, idealogical, ideographic Think, meditate, reflect, thought, meditation, reflection, thinker, thoughtful, meditative, musingly Imagine, imagination, imaginative, imaginatively, imaginable Abstraction, abstract (n & adj)
Dishonesty, disloyalty, bad faith, dishonest, unfair, dishonestly, unfairly
Genius, divine fire, creative fire, ingenuity, ingenious, clever, ingeniously
Persevere, persist, perseverance, persistence, constancy, persevering, persistent, constant, steady, constantly
Tomb, sepulcher, mausoleum, sepulchral Invent, create, invention, creation, inventor, creator, inventive Discover, discovery
Innovate, innovation, newness, novelty, innovative, inovator, new, modern, newly, recently, modernly, lately
SO-TI-SO Fight against, fight, enter the fray, fight (n), moral combat, fighter, wrestler Propagate, popularize, to make something come into general use, disseminate, spread, propaganda, popularization, propagator, popularizer Popularity, popular, accredited, popularly Reputation, fame, repute, reputation, famous, renowned, reputed, famed Gravedigger To distinguish oneself, demonstration, celebrity, illustrious, famous, famous people Glory, glorious, that which has gained glory, gloriously, with glory
SO-TI-LA Telegraph, telegraphic, telegraphically Electricity, electric Telephony, telephone, telephonic, by telephone Indicate, sign, evidence, signal Correspond, communicate, correspondence, communication, telegram, corresponding Cemetary, field of rest Inform, warn, announce, notify, share, notice, advertisement
SO-TI-TI Latrines, toilet, loo, restroom, bathroom Sewage, emptier (?) Infect, stink, infection, stench, reek, fetidness, foul, disgusting, repulsive, apalling, stinking, fetid, rank Rot, rotten, corrupt, stale Worm, maggot, verminous To disgust, to be repugnant, put off, sicken, gross out, disgusting

LA-DO-DO Agate Onyx Sardonyx Turquoise Sapphire Lapis lazuli
LA-DO-RE Industry, industral, an industrial person, industrious, industriously Broker Manufacture, make, manufacturing, making, manufacturer, factory Material, substance, materiality, materials, materially Produce, production, product, producer
To sell, sale, seller
Wholesale, in bulk
LA-DO-MI Establish, institute, erect, found, establishment, foundation, erection, institution, founder Shop, store, boutique, shopkeeper Exploit, exploitation, exploitable Workshop, studio, foreman, workshop leader
Tarnish, become dull, dull, dim, matte
Agree, stipulate, make a pact, compromise, convention, stipulation, pact, market (?), clause, conventional, conventionally Deal, to deal with, negotiate, compromise, capitulate, give in, treaty, transaction, capitulation, transactional
LA-DO-FA Trade, traffic (of goods), merchant, trading, trafficker, dealer, commercial, commercially Associate, partner with, association, common funds, copartner, partner, jointly, shared Condition, conditional, conditionally Profit from, benefit from To fulfil, achieve, carry out, accomplish, realize (a goal), to effect, execute, achievement, feasible
Indivisibility, indissolubility, indivisible, indissoluble, indivisibly
Linen, flax
Outside, exterior, external, outwardly, outdoors, in open air
Spin (yarn/thread etc), thread, yarn, wire, spinner, weaver, spindle, coil, reel, bobbin, distaff Unwind, unravel, spool Spinning, spinner Opportunity, opportune, timely Canvas, cretonne, chintz, batiste, cambric Cotton, calico, percale, jaconet
LA-DO-LA Muslin, organdy, tarlatan, gauze, (Pancake?? (Crêpe)) Wool, flannel, merino, cashmere Sheet, draper (someone who makes cloth?) Silk, silk industry, silky Satin, like satin Urge, insist, stress, persistance, pressing, insistent Velvet, velvety
LA-DO-TI Fabric, cloth, material Damask, Damascus Indian, persian
Getting closer, come closer, approach
Prepare, making, confection Fashion, style, form, way Replace, substitute, replacement, substitution, replacing, substituting
LA-RE-DO Cover (with a carpet, wallpaper, etc.), tapestry, upholstery, upholsterer, carpet, rug, mat, canvas To color, color, hue, colorist, colored, coloring, dye
Dark, brown, tanned, brunet
Chestnut, blonde, red
Brightness, white, whitish
Buy, purchase, acquire, perchasing department, acquisition, buyer, customer
Clarify, make clear, transparency, clarity, diaphaneity, clear, transparent, translucent
LA-RE-RE Metallurgy, metal, metallurgist, metallurgical Iron, ferruginous
Incurability, incurable, untreatable, terminal, unhealable
Steel, marcasite Copper (v. (plate with copper)), copper Bronze, brass, brazen
LA-RE-MI Grey, gray, greyish, grayish Violet, violetish, INDIGO, purplish, lilac Stuff (v.), pad, fill, wad, stuffing, wadding, filling Green, greenish, olive Yellow, yellowish, yellowing Blue, bluish, azure To redden, blush, crimson, reddish, scarlet
Become poor, poor, impoverished
Offer, propose, proposal, offer, motion (not `movement`), offering, offerer, supplier, nominator Opportunity, windfall, good fortune, chance Hanging, curtains, drapery Series, following, filiation Sort, kind, genre, manner Choose, elect, choice, option
LA-RE-SO Fold, bend, ply
Wrap, package (v.), encase, enclose, envelope
Tie, bind, tie up, link, string, belt, cordon, rope Package (n.), bundle, bouquet Slipcover, cover, dust cover
Take, seize, grab, taking, seizure, capture, catch, booty, loot, spoil (n.), prey
Take, remove, monopolize, buy up, hoard, hoarding, monopolist, abductor
LA-RE-LA Accounting, bookkeeping, cashier, teller, counter, box, office Count, counting, enumerate, list, account, enumeration, counter Calculate, calculation, arithmetic, algebra, calculator, arithmetician, algebraic, arithmetically, algrebraically Quantify, number, numbering, figure, numerical, numeral Combine, coordinate, combination, coordination, combined, coordinated Fringe Nomenclature, list, collection, catalog, nomenclator
LA-RE-TI Assess, appraise, esteem, evaluation, estimate, price Worth, cost, value, valuable, valuably Sum
Pay, settle, break free (from debt?), payment, payer, payable
Bill, invoice, check Receipt, payed for, acquitted, received Tassel
LA-MI-DO Lace-making, trimmings, lace-maker
Augment, increase, enlarge, add to, magnify, magnification, extra, added, increased, additional
Abound, to flow, plenty, abundance, exuberance, abundant, copious, exuberant, abundantly, copiously, profusely
Fructify, be productive, yield a profit, fertilize, fertility, fertile, fertile, productive
Mix, jumble, muddle, scramble, mixed, jumbled, scrambled, chaos, confused, confusion Tread, set foot on, trample, knead (?), stomping, pressing, kneading, trampling Crush, grind, pulverize, crushing, grinding, mashing, pulverization, crushed, ground, in powder
LA-MI-RE Borrowing, loan, borrower Braid, plait, twine, weave, enlace Make credit, credit, creditor, lender, a credit account Pawnshop, pawnbrokers Trade, barter, swap, exchange, swapping, in exchange Guarantee, deposit, bail, bond, pledge Delay, procrastinate, adjourn, prolong, postpone, extension, delayed, belated
LA-MI-MI Tin, pewter, tinplate, tinsmith Zinc Bismuth Lead Mercury, quicksilver Platinum
Indecency, immodesty, impurity, licentiousness, obscenity, conscupiescence, lust, indecent, immodest, lewd, immoral, lascivious
Search, browse, research, searchers, researchers Verify, authenticate, verification, evaluation, verifier, expert To curl, to `ring`, rings, curls, ringed, curled Inventory, survey Dividend Sort, class, rank, categorize, ranking, classification, classifier
LA-MI-SO Become due, expire, deadline, expiration, term
Cease, discontinue, termination, cessation, discontinuation, discontinued
Liquidate (convert assets into cash), liquidation, liquidator The rest, remaining, residue Garland
To shrink, tighten, narrow, shrinking
Totality, total, entire, all, the amount, full, complete, totally, in total
Sate, satiate, satisfy, quench, gorge, satiation, fullness, satiety, satiating, satisfying
To bid, to outbid, bid more than, make a higher bid, bidding, higher prices, auction, bidder, expensive, costly, wasteful, exorbitant
To double, double, duplicate, doubly Commodity, merchandise, goods Number, quantity, amount, numerous, many, multiplicity, large number, the largest number, most, in number Tie, knot, bow Employ, apply, use, utilise, consume (?), adapt, make use of, application, consumer (?), applicable, adaptable
Engage, enlist, engagement, commitment, enrollment, enroller
Register, record, recording, recorder
Disobey, disobedience, insubordination, rebellion, disobedient, rebellious, insubordinate, unruly, indirigible
Result, occur, arise, result, consequence, consequently, as a result, accordingly, in consequence, therefore, because of this Balance sheet, toll, assessment, report Budget, statistical (?), budget of things To cross, crossing, crosses, crosswise
LA-FA-DO Dye, dyeing, dyer Bankrupt certificate ? Concordat ? Legal settlement ? Add, addition, additional Subtract, subtraction Multiply, multiplier, multiplication, multiple, multipliable
Divide, separate, divider, division, section, divisible
Share, distribute, dispense, sharing, distribution, allocation, distributor, dispenser, distributive
LA-FA-RE Tarif, tax, rate, tax rates, normal price, fixed, unchanging, invariable, a fair price, a fixed price Moire fabric, moire pattern Mark, label, tag, price, index Quarter, fourth, quart Third Half Complete, supplement, supplementary, entire, whole, completely, entirely, fully, thoroughly, from top to bottom, in whole, in entire
Decline, shrinking, diminish, to go down, to lessen, smallness
Monetize, paper money, paper values Shimmer, glisten, glitter, gleam, sparkle, variegation, variegated, multi-colored Bill, debt, bill of exchange
Minor key
Discount, discounted, discounter Endorse, endorsement, endorser
LA-FA-FA Enamel, enameller Faience, earthenware, potter Porcelain, fine china Mosaic Varnish, lacquer Paste, glue, adhesive, sticky, viscous, glutinous
LA-FA-SO Currency, money, cash, monetary Gold, gold coin
Bad manners, vulgarity, common, banal, trivial, improper, inappropriate, trivially
Silver, silver coin, silver piece, piece of silver, argentiferous (containing silver) To felt, felt, felted Franc Centime
LA-FA-LA Measure, gauge, measurement, measurable, measurer, gauger
Proportion, calibrate, size, proportion, calibration, proportionate, proportional, proportionally
Geometry, geometric, geometrical, geometrically Liter Unit of measurement - 100 square meters To make fluffy, plush Survey, acre, surveyor
LA-FA-TI Balance, counterbalance Weigh, weight, weighing
Gravity, heaviness, heavy, solid, heavily, massively
Gram One cubic meter Cube, block, cubic, cubical To sand, to pumice, rub down
LA-SO-DO [verb], grocery, grocer Deca Hecto Kilo Milli Centi Deci
LA-SO-RE Piece of cloth/fabric/material Allspice, clove, cinnamon, ginger
Grow, size, big, huge, excess
Meter, metric
Disillusioned, disillusion, disenchantment, disappointment, disillusionment, disenchanted, disappointing
Render, restore, restitution
Consolidate, solidify, strengthen, make firm, strong, solid, durable, solidly
Stupefy, make stupid, stupidity, foolishness, silliness, stupidity, brute, stupid, stultifying, stupefying
Sample, coupon, cloth Honey, honeyed, sweet
The location of something, place
Bias, skew, oblique, slanting, transverse, awry, askew, aside, across, obliquely
Broaden, width, magnitude, extent, scope, scale, wide, full, spacious, widely
Length, long, longitudinal, longitudinally
LA-SO-FA Show, display, spread out, showman Expose, flaunt, exhibit, exposition, exhibition, exhibitor, display Match, set Rice Importance, important, significant, considerable Patent, certificate of competency, certificate of invention Patent, patented
LA-SO-SO Scale (of a fish etc.), scaly Nacre, mother-of-pearl Shell, hull Horn, antler, horny, horned Ivory Cork
LA-SO-LA Business, businessman, business woman, business agent Except (v.), exception, exceptional, exceptionally, except, except for, besides
Solvency, solvent (able to pay one`s debts)
Guarantee, insure, guarantee, insurance Pack, packaging, packer Barley, gruel, grits
Export, exportation, exporter
LA-SO-TI Negotiate, parley, negotiation, negotiator Go back, take again, reclaim, reprise, resume, recapture
Doubt, disbelief, incredulous
Put back, return Equivalent, equal Advantage, advantageous, advantageously Flour, cereal (grain), cornstarch, potato flour, starch flour
LA-LA-DO la-la-do-do ??? Tabacco, snuffbox Snuff, snort, to take snuff, person who takes snuff To smoke, smoke, fumes, smoker Cigar Pipe Smoke den, tavern, bar, estaminet
LA-LA-RE Literary Cabinet la-la-re-re ??? Subscribe, subscription, subscriber Subscribe, subscription, subscriber Count on, rely on, depend on Bookstore, bookshop, bookseller Edit, edition, editor
LA-LA-MI Print, press, printing, printer To draw (a card, lots, etc.), choose at random la-la-mi-mi ??? Printing plate (made of metal, plastic, or paper; carry the image that is to be printed on paper) To bind (a book), binding, bookbinding, bookbinder Format, size, in folio (made of sheets of paper folded once to form two leaves), quarto (folded into four leaves (eight pages)), octavo (folded into eight leaves (sixteen pages)), duodecimo (folded into 12 leaves (24 pages)) To package, cardboard, cardboard manufacturer, box, carton
LA-LA-FA Watchmaking, clock, watch, watchmaker Gild, gilding, gilder Silverplate, silverware, silversmith, silvery la-la-fa-fa ???
Absence of danger, safety, security, safe, secure
Goldsmithing, goldsmith Hardware, hardware store
LA-LA-SO Jewelry, jewellery, jewels, jeweler Gather, assemble, group, assembly, collection Chain, necklace Ring, covenant, band la-la-so-so ??? Pearl, pearls Jet (mineral), lignite
LA-LA-TI Gems, precious stones, diamond, red diamond, ruby, diamond dealer Emerald Topaz Garnet, coral (stone), cornelian, coralline Amethyst Opal la-la-ti-ti ???
LA-TI-DO Bake, bakery, baker Fashion, the style of the day, desired, run, of fashion, fashionable, vogue Lingerie Flange, collar, stiff collar, false collar Cuffs, sleeves Lace, from the Malines, from England Ribbon, cord, band
LA-TI-RE Display, placard, poster, sign Dough, paste, batter, doughy, mushy, pasty Hosiery, hosier Couple, pair, pair of, coupled with Knit, knitting Net, mesh, network, fishnet Crochet, crochet hook
Cowardice, coward, without courage, cowardly
Amass, accumulate, pile, stack, heap, accumulation, mass Leaven, yeast, ferment, leavening Encumber, congest, congestion, hinder, hindrance Haberdashery, vendor of sewing materials and clothing Ball of thread, (Pincushion?) Skein
Indelicacy, indelicate, incelicately
Fair, showman Toys, toy, rattles (?) Basketry, basket Doll, dolls Puppets, marionettes, puppet Lottery
LA-TI-SO Roam, wander, go here and there, adventurer, vagabond Charlatan, claim that one does something well (that one doesn`t actually do well), boast, brag, boasting, bragging, charlatanry, boastful, braggart, imposter Bribe, venal (motivated by bribes), mercenary (primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics) Make a fake, false, forger Filter, sift, filtration, filter, sieve, strainer, screen, colander Have prejudice, be detrimental to, injure, damage, wrong, detriment, disadvantage, detrimental, damaging, disadvantageous Go bankrupt, bankruptcy, bankrupt
LA-TI-LA Doorkeeper, usher Assigne, allocate, assignment Call, summon, interpellation, question, summons, questioner Protest Trial, case, lawsuit Utensils, kitchenware, cookware, pots, pans, saucepan, cauldron, tub, vat, boiler
Gain, benefit, profit, gainer, beneficiaries, fruitful, profitable, lucrative, fruitfully, successfully
LA-TI-TI Curry (Treat tanned leather to improve its properties), tan, currier, tanner Animal hide, leather, coriaceous, leathery Sheepskin, hide Fur, pelt, mink, squirrel, astrakhan, marten Rubber, elastic Whale, whalebone

TI-DO-DO Commercial court Proceed, procedure, process To fine, fine, finable Justice of the Peace, Judge of the Peace Registry, registrar To auction, auction, sale by auction
TI-DO-RE City, village, town, hamlet Government schools, free schools, public schools, monitorial system, mutual instruction, communal school, municipal school, preschool Fence, border, gate, barrier District Neighborhood, area, quarter
Opacity, opaque
Street, sidewalk, roadway, road, pavement
TI-DO-MI Square (of a city) Monument, triumphal arch, obelisk, column, pyramid Conservatory of Arts and Trades Building, edifice, castle, manor, palace Prefecture, town hall, prefect, sub-prefect Town hall, mayor, deputy mayor Municipality, town council, city council, municipal
TI-DO-FA Convent, monastery, abbey, monastic Hospital, hospice, infirmary Inn, hotel, pension, boarding house, hostel, innkeeper Conservatory of Music Cabaret, nightclub, tavern, restaurant, restaurateur Café, café owner Market, bazaar, marketplace
TI-DO-SO Boulevard, avenue, promenade
Receive money, repay, reimburse, receipt, reimbursement, repayment, refundable
Alley, avenue, aisle
Monotony, uniformity, monotonous, uniform School of Saint-Cyr, Polytechnic School Passage Corridor, hallway, maze, labyrinth
TI-DO-LA Suburb, suburban Dock, lifting (?), dyke, dam River, fluvial Bridge, pontoon (?) Arch, archway, arc Normal School Fountain
TI-DO-TI Centralize, centralization, center, middle, central, in the midst, centrally Average, mean, the average of Angle, corner, wedge, angular, angularly
Presence, present
Realism, positivism, realist, positivist, realistic
Triangle, triangulation, triangular, triangularly Central School
TI-RE-DO Cadastre, cadaster (A register of property showing extent, value, and ownership of land for taxation) Govern, government, governor, governing, governmental Force, force to, oblige, require, subdue, compel, constrain, constrained, forced, mandatory, coercive, necessarily, willingly, despite (in spite of) Vote, voting, voter Elect, election, elected, electoral
Detail, give details, detailing, in detail
Representative, deputy, delegate
TI-RE-RE Auctioneer Judicial branch, judicial officer Agency of Public Teasury, Treasury Agency, Treasurer, Agent of the Treasury Accounting Agency, Accountant Belong to, membership, dependency, belonging Be suitable for, suit
Deafness, deaf, deafly
Dynasty, dynastic Physics, physicist Empire, emperor, empress, imperial, imperially Royalty, sovereignty, the king, queen, sovereign, monarch, dictator, royal Rule, reign, reigning, throne The Court, courtier, man of the court
TI-RE-FA Principality, prince, princess, highness, princely Ennoble, confer a title on, nobility, aristocracy, noble, titled, aristocrat, gentleman, aristocratic, aristocracy, aristocrat
Modesty, humility, modest, humble, modestly, humbly
Collaboration, joint effort, cooperation, collaborator, associate, partner Duke, duchess, marquis, marquise, count, countess, viscount, viscountess, baron, baroness Chivalry, knighthood, knight Coat of arms, blazon, escutcheon
TI-RE-SO Entitle, entitled, titled, title (honorific?), qualification Sire, your majesty My Lord, You Lordship, Lord, etc. (as an address) Your Excellence (as an address) Chemistry, chemist Your Eminence (as an address) Your Greatness (as an address)
TI-RE-LA Senate, House of Peers, senator, peer Legislative body, House of Representatives, the Constituent Council of State, State Councilor Session, meeting, sitting Consulate, embassy, consul, ambassador, vice-consul Botany, botanist Constitute, establish, form, constitution, formation, constituent, constitutional, constitutionally
TI-RE-TI Diplomacy, diplomat, statesman, diplomatic, diplomatically Politics Spirit of the Party, partisanship, sect, partisan, proselyte, sectarian, follower Imperialism, royalism, monarchy, legitimacy (lawfulness?), imperial, royal, monarchist, royalist, monarchical, monarchically Liberalism, liberal Republic, republicanism, republican Astronomy, astronomer, astronomical
Imperfection, imperfect, imperfectly
Ministry, minister, ministerial, ministerially Bureaucracy, bureaucrat, bureaucratic, bureaucratically Supernumerary, assistant, second-in-command, chief, boss, head (??) Secretary, secretarial work Preside, presidency, president, vice-president Commission, comittee, committe member
TI-MI-RE Adopt, adoption, adoptive, for adoption, adoptable Geography, geographer, geographic Indemnify, indemnity, (compensate) Compensate, compensation, make up for Reward, recompense, remunerate, remuneration, payment, remunerative, rewarding Pension, pensioned, (regular payment made to someone who no longer works or to a royal favorite or artist or scholar to enable them to continue work that is of public interest/value) Retire, retirement, retired
TI-MI-MI Notary profession, profession of notary, notary, notarial Prosecute, prosecution, prosecutor, attorney, representative Mortgage Contract, contractor, contractual Deed of birth, birth certificate Deed of death, death certificate
TI-MI-FA Manage, administer, direct, administration, management, direction, leadership, administrator, director, manager, administrative, administratively Stewardship, superintendence, steward, superintendent
Moderate, moderation, temperance, sobriety, frugality, temperate, sober, frugal, soberly
Geographic map, world map, map of the world, globe Manage, govern, management, governance, manager Receive, collection, revenue, collector, receiver Pay a salary to, reward, salary, compensation, pay
Darkness, obscurity, dark, shadowy, darkly
Soil (v.), tarnish, stain, dirt, spot, dirtiness, spotted, messy, dirty, unclean, dirtily
Position, location Employment, job, function, responsibility, mission, employed, employee, staff, agent Colony, tribe, settler, colonist, colonial
Short, shortened, cut short, cropped, curtailed
Add to, supplement, attach to, assistant
TI-MI-LA Journalism, journal, gazette, journalist Write, put into words, writing, expression, writer Insert, interpose, insertion, intercalation, intercalary Article, report, statement, exposé News, news writer Naturalize, naturalization Publish, promulgate, proclaim, publication, promulgation, proclamation, publicist, public, publicly
TI-MI-TI History, chronicle, record, hsitorian, chronicler, annalist, historic, historically Middle Ages Opinion, sentiment, feeling
To move back, retrograde, return, recede, decline, degenerate, reflux, decay, degeneration, retrograde, retrospective, looking back, backward
Contemporaneity, modern, contemporary (n. and adj.) Brotherhood, brother, colleague, fellow member Repress, repression, repressive
TI-FA-DO Optics, optician, optical Dominate, master, enslave, domination, dominator, dominant Usurp, appropriate, seize, invade, usurpation, invasion, appropriation, usurper, invader Oppress, tyrannize, oppression, tyranny, absolutism, despotism, arbitrary power, autocracy, discretionary power, oppressor, tyrant, despot, autocrat, oppressive, tyrannical, absolute, despotic, autocratic
Inexpressible, indescribable, ineffable
Revoke, abolish, annul, repeal, dethrone, revocation, abolishment, annulation, dethronement, retraction Exile, banish, outlaw, expatriation, exile (n.), banishment, proscription, expatriation, exiled, banished, proscribed, expatriate
TI-FA-RE Nationalize, naturalize, nationality, nation, kingdom, state, territory, national, nationally Telescope Fatherland, homeland, motherland, country, compatriot, countryman, fellow citizen
Civilize, humanize, civilization, civilizing, civilized, of civilization
Department, departmental Province, provincial The Foreign, foreigner, foreign, from abroad
To get weaker, weakness, debility, feebleness, weak, frail, sickly, thin, puny, feebly
International Thermometer The Unknown, unknown Bourgeoisie, middle class, commoners, beurgeois, common, not noble, vulgar Charge, commission, delegation Be responsible for, have commission of, proxy, charge d`affaires
TI-FA-FA Record, folder, file Archives, archivist Attribution, attributive Control, montitor, registry, controller Expropriate, expropriation Possession, property
TI-FA-SO Indicate, designate, indication, designation, indicator, indicative, designative Traverse, cross, traversal, across
Rudeness, discourtesy, incivility, rusticity, boorish, rude, discourteous, uncivil, uncouth, impolite, grossly
Follow, following, next Barometer Escort, accompany, escort (n.), procession Gather, assemble, bunch up, rally, crowd, multitude, crowds
TI-FA-LA Pass, passing Meet, come across, meeting, consultation Recognize someone, aknowledge, show gratitude, recognizable Rendezvous, a meeting at an agreed time and place (typically between two people)
Difference, dissimilarity, disparity, different, dissimilar, diverse, heterogeneous, differently, diversely, in a different way, otherwise
Balloon, aerostat, aeronaut Club, `circle`, club members
TI-FA-TI Casino Play, play a game, game Billiards, pool, ball, pool ball, skittles (a bowling game in Europe) Cards, playing cards
Age, antiquity, antiques, old antique, gothic, ancient, anciently, formerly, once, long ago
Chess, checkers, dominos, lotto, chip (poker?), card Parachute
TI-SO-DO Arsenal Scholarship, scholar Bank, banker Place (values), investment
Fail, to not have success, failure, bad luck, defeat, disappointment
Stockbroker Exchange, money changer, change machine
TI-SO-RE Lower, drop, decrease, low Sword, cutlass, scimitar Annuity, income, revenue, annuitant Coupons Shares, shareholder Bonds (e.g. of Railway and other companies) Increase, bull, high, top
TI-SO-MI Treasury, the finances Finance, financial Fence, fencing, fencer Speculate, speculation, speculator, speculative Capitalize, capital funds, capital, capitalist Interest, the interest of Usury, usurer, stockbroker
Lie, falsehood, hypocrisy, liar, false, hypocritical, falsely, hypocritically
Dressing up, disguise, masquerade, mask, carnival Scream, yell, shout one`s lungs out, cry, shouting, crier To guard against, ward off, protect, deal with To stun, daze, astound, noise, tumult, explosion, hubbub, noisy, tumultuous, deafening, tumultuously Shock, offend, scandal, bad example, shocking, offensive, scandalous Abuse, misuse, encroach upon, abuse, excess, abusive, abusively
TI-SO-SO Petition (v. & n.), petitioner Claim, demand Address (speaking), memoir, brief Apply, application, candidate, applicant Annoy, disturb, bother, obsess, irritate, obsession, unwelcome, boring, annoying, tedious, provoke, unbearable, intolerable, insufferable, annoyingly, intolerably Transfer, transmit, cession, handover, pass on, transmission, transferor, transmitted, transferable
TI-SO-LA Populate, people, population, people, the vulgar, plebeian, proletarian Democracy, democrat, democratic Conspire, plot, hatch, intrigue, weave (a plot), conspiracy, plot, cabal, conspirator, plotter
Disunity, misunderstanding, trouble, dissension, discord, anarchy, lawlessness, disruptor, anarchist, anarchic
Detune, distort, disagreement, dissonance, dissonant, wrong
Gymnasium, gym, gymnastics Insurge, rise up, revolutionize, uprising, insurrection, riot, rebellion, revolution, seditious, factious, insurgent, revolutionary, insurgency
TI-SO-TI Damage, harm, spoil, plunder, vandalize, destroy, squander, ravage, looting, pillaging, devastation, pillard, devastating, villain, scoundrel, pirate Ruin, destitution, fall into ruin, ruin, rubble, debris, remnants, remains
Uncertainty, uncertain, unreliable, vague, ambiguous
Destroy, kill, annihilate, slaughter, massacre, murder, destruction, killing, extermination, carnage, destroyer, killer, murderer Demolish, destroy, demolition, reversal Fall, collapse, crumble, capsize, subsidence, landslide, collapse Manège, cirque, hippodrome, racecourse, racetrack
TI-LA-DO Equitation, riding, horse riding, rider, horseman, horsewoman, equestrian
To avoid, dodge, evade, circumvent, elude, escape, avoidable
Discontent, dissatisfied, discontentment
Flee, escape, run away, desert, fugitives, deserter Watch, spy, ambush, lookout, watcher, emissary, spy, alert, watchful Catch, trap, snare, net Arrest, arresting
TI-LA-RE Customs, customs officer Horse race, cavalcade, horse jockey Grant admission, right of entry Storehouse, warehouse Monopolize, monopoly, taxation (?), tax (?), tribute, contribution, taxpayer, contributory, tributary Forbid, prohibit, interdiction, prohibition, forbidden, illegal, prohibited Poach, defraud, cheat (on), poaching, smuggling, fraud, poacher, smuggler, fraudulent, fraudulently
TI-LA-MI Police, police officer, policeman, police sergeant Police station, police superintendent Joust, jouster Gendarme`, armed police, constabulary National Guard Guardhouse, post Monitor, watch, faction, supervisor, guard, sentinel, sentry, patrol, safe, secure
TI-LA-FA Inhumanity, cruelty, barbarism, savagery, inhuman, cruel, barbaric, savage, bloodthirsty, tormentor Ministry/Minister of State Ministry/Minister of Justice Wager, bet, better, gambler Ministry/Minister of Foreign Affairs Ministry/Minister of the Interior Ministry/Minister of Finance
TI-LA-SO Ministry/Minister of War Ministry/Minister of the Marine and Colonies Ministry/Minister of Education and Religious Affairs Ministry/Minister of Agriculture, Trade, and Public Works Pyrotechnics, pyrotechnic
Import, importation, importer
Ministry/Minister of Fine Arts or of the House of the Emperor
TI-LA-LA Bailiff Chamberlain Butler, majordomo Huntsman, master of the hunt, grand huntsman Esquire, page Hundred guards, Gardes du Corps
TI-LA-TI Order of the Legion of Honor, Legionnaire, a member of the Legion of Honor Decorate, decoration Grand Officer Rank of Commander Grand Cross
Lose, loss, deficit, loser, lost, irremediable, irreparable
Fireworks, firecracker, rocket, roman candle
TI-TI-DO ti-ti-do-do ???
Justicy, equity, fairness, impartiality, fair, equitable, impartial, just, judiciary, legal, justly, fairly, impartially
Decree, law, code, legislator, jurist, legislation, legal Jurisprudence, law, legislation, public law, legal adviser, lawyer Magistracy, magistrate Chancellor Public prosecutor, deputy prosecutor
TI-TI-RE Tribunal court ti-ti-re-re ??? Supreme court, court of cassation Court of appeals Courts of first instance/proceeding Assize court (Crown courts) Criminal Court
TI-TI-MI Testify, demonstrate, testimony, evidence, demonstration, witness Declare, denounce, declaration, statement, denunciation, declarer, denouncer, informer ti-ti-mi-mi ???
Affirm, attest, certify, affirmation, attestation, certificate, affirmative, certified, authentic, attested
Protest, swear, oath, swearing Accuse, indict, charge, inculpate, accusation, inculpation, accuser, accusatory The accused, the charged, the defendant
TI-TI-FA Lawyer, advocate, counsel Plead, pleading, plea The cause of, the reason for ti-ti-fa-fa ??? Justify, exculpate, exonerate, defend, stand up for, justification, apologia, defender, supporting Supporting documents, supporting evidence Mitigating pieces, extenuating documents
TI-TI-SO Judge Jury Judge (v.), judgement, sentence, verdict, judge (n.), arbitrator, referee, jurisdictional
Majority, the largest number, maximu, major
ti-ti-so-so ??? Absolve, absolution Condemn, condemnation
TI-TI-LA Murder, assassinate, kill, assassination, killing, homicide, assassin, murderer, murderous Crime, misdemeanor, criminal, evildoer, criminally Infamy, turpitude, enormity, atrocity, abomination, villainy, monstrosity, monster, infamous, atrocious, monstrous, horribly, monstrously Imprison, incarcerate, imprisonment, incarceration, captiviy, prisoner, detainee, captive, prison, detention, jail Labor camp, galley, galley slave ti-ti-la-la ??? Scaffold, gallows, gibbet

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